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190x Closing Down

190x Premium Rate Services Closing Down

Telstra Corporation the owner and operator of the 190x Premium Rate telephone service has announced that on the 30th September 2019 this service will be retired, there doesn’t appear to be any alternative offered once this is gone.

As a service provider we are mindful that the 190x premium rate services have a number of hidden charges which in the end is past on the the consumer, some services charge as much as $5,95 per minute to speak to a psychic, wile generally the rates vary between $2.95 and $3.95 per minute.

Many of the telephone psychic lines in Australia are run by overseas companies.  I know of one that has a super deal of $1.95 per minute to speak of a psychic, but what they don’t actually explain is the fact that your $1.95 per minute starts as soon as the call is answered, so by the time you listen to psychic profiles, choose a psychic and wait to get connected you may have already wasted 5 or 10 minutes of your balance even before speaking to a psychic.  The service I am referring to also runs a sex line and their readers can opt to do both psychic readings or sex talk, not sure how comfortable I am speaking to a reader who may have just gotten off a call speaking all hot and steamy.

Soul 2 Path Psychics is an Australian owned and operated business, we employ independent contractors who have been tested to ensure they meet our standards. We strive to be reputable and as part of that we feel that if a reader is rubbish why would be subject that reader to our customers?  This is just a bad business decision as it would ruin our brand and reputation pretty fast.  We also believe in being open and transparent with our rates, we have a flat rate fee of $2.50 per minute to speak to a psychic and best of all minutes are only deducted once you connect, any unused minutes will never expire so you can call as little or often as you like.

We hope to see changes come when the 190x network closes down and a lot of these overseas dubious companies disappear from our marketplace.  Soul 2 Path Psychics has never used 190x services as we have found them to be too costly to our customers.  We want to offer an affordable, reliable service that is our objective and commitment to our customers.