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Is My Partner Cheating on Me?

Is My Partner Cheating on Me? Things between yourself and your partner no longer feel the same anymore.  Do you get a nagging, gut feeling, that something is not right within your relationship? You may even say to your best friend, “I think he/she is cheating, but I have no solid evidence.” Stop! Ask yourself, … Read more

Forgiveness leads to trust

Forgiveness leads to trust

What if you decide to forgive and let go?  What if others do the same? Forgiveness leads to trust, simply by forgiving each other, and especially, our own selves, we go a long way to creating more trust in the world.  Forgiveness is a big part of learning to trust in the world.  If you … Read more


Super Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

Super Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Super Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Astrologically we are building towards A Total Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse (that will be fully viewable from the East coast of Australia).  On the 26th May at 5°25′ Sagittarius, many will feel the intensity of this.  This is the closest Super Moon … Read more


Curses Real or Fake

Curses: Real or Fake? Curses Real or Fake? They are both. It makes my blood boil when I hear of scam-artist charlatans who pose as psychics offering to “remove curses”, often for a fair ransom amount of money.  No one needs the services of curse removals, no matter what anyone tells you. I don’t want … Read more


2021 Predictions the Year Ahead

2021 Predictions of the Year Ahead 2021 Predictions the Year Ahead – I would like to share with you some insights of was spirit has shown me for 2021: Medical Advances 2021 will be the year when major breakthroughs in oncology will occur, in this year most modern cancers people get will have a lower … Read more

Saturn Retrograde 2020

Once in a Lifetime – Jupiter & Saturn come together

‘Once in a Lifetime’ – Jupiter & Saturn come together Once in a lifetime Events do happen.  At 10.33pm (AEDST) on the 21st December 2020  look to the sky and you will notice what appears to be a bright star in the sky, often this is called the Christmas star, but this year it is … Read more

A Solar Eclipse Transformation

A Solar Eclipse Transformation

A Solar Eclipse Transformation Hi Everyone, A Solar Eclipse Transformation, what can I say 2020 has been one of those years that will go down in history.  As 2020 is wrapping up we have two major astrological events remaining these events are not to be fearful of, we have had enough fear with a pandemic, … Read more

The Benefits of a Phone Psychic Reading

The Benefits of a Phone Psychic Reading

if you are on the fence about receiving a psychic reading over the phone, you are going to want to stay right here.  Various advantages will be discussed in the points below.  Perhaps, one of them could be what gives you that little extra confidence to make the call today.

Saturn Retrograde 2020

Saturn Retrograde Wrap Up

Saturn Retrograde Wrap Up.  If you are a Taurus, Leo or Scorpion you may have found some life curveballs being thrown at you one after the other since May 2020.  There is respite to those who have been greatly affected by Saturn the planet of responsibility, time and restrictions will be going direct around the … Read more