The following are the most asked FAQs from people inquiring about our services.

What is a psychic reading?
We are all energy, frequencies of light. Psychics are individuals who have honed their skills over many years in the art of spiritual intuitive communication. Psychics raise their personal vibrational frequencies in order to connect with information and advice to assist clients in achieving a deeper understanding of life and it’s challenges. The future will always be that…the future. However, we are always in the process of creation. What you focus on today (positive or negative, consciously or unconsciously), is what potentially could be in your reality tomorrow. Be mindful of your thoughts and actions. Psychics have the ability to connect to the energy and information in the non-physical realm to interpret what is in the process of manifesting.
Do psychics automatically “read” everyone’s mind that they meet?
This is a misconception.  Connecting with another person’s energy requires mental focus and can be quite exhausting.  Psychics are not mind readers, they are energy translators.  When not in a session, most psychics “turn off” their channels to only receive information from their guides that is required for that specific experience.  To engage in daily activities, completely open and receiving information about everyone and everything would be a mental and energetic overload, not to mention unnecessary.  Unless a psychic desires to provide information for a specific individual, they generally will not receive it.
How do psychics receive information during a reading?
Each psychic does it differently depending on their gifts.  Some ask your spirit guides, angels, and loved ones on the other side in prayer to work with their spirit guides to offer you the most current and accurate information possible during a psychic reading. Psychics receive information from their guides in the form of clairsentience (feelings), claircognizance (knowing), and clairaudience (hearing). Each one of their gifts happened and grew in different stages in their life.
Can psychics read everyone?
The reality is that free will always prevails.  If an individual subconsciously or consciously does not wish to receive guidance or hear information that may challenge their viewpoint or reality, they can unknowingly block the psychic from accurately connecting.  This can create a situation where the advisor cannot receive information or may provide inaccurate statements.  Psychic readings can be difficult, as the truth is sometimes painful.  It is extremely important when you are connecting with a psychic to focus on what your spirit needs versus what your ego may wish to hear.
How can psychics do reading over the phone, text or chat?
Energy is everywhere. Your spirit guides and the psychics spirit guides are energy. They can communicate through energy. Good psychics are able to read energy wherever they are. You can be on the other side of the world and the information will come through.
What do I need to do to receive the best psychic reading?
The best readings come through when you are totally relaxed and open to receive information. Plus, if you come with questions, even better! If you talk to your own spirit guides prior to a reading, it will help a great deal. That way, your spirit guides can provide the psychics spirit guides with the information that you are requesting.
Is it important how I ask a question during a psychic reading?
Your question should be open ended. Meaning, the more open your question is, the more information is able to come through with details. Your spirit guides want to help guide you, that’s why they are there for you. Ask questions as if you are asking a friend.
Are psychics 100% accurate?
No individual in any field is 100% accurate.  Psychics receive fragmented information.  Receiving psychic information is similar to assembling a puzzle. You move forward piece by piece, until you have the beginnings of a picture and then must convey that information to the client.  There are times where the images or metaphors (as there is no language in the non-physical realm) are misinterpreted by the psychic.  There are times when the client cannot confirm the information until a later date.  Never hesitate to ask for clarifications if you do not understand the message.  It is our psychics’ desire to be accurate and clear.  They are here for you. The only “stupid question” is the question that has gone unasked.
Why do people consult psychics?
There are many different reasons why people contact psychics.  Some people call psychics for assistance in locating lost items or to communicate with their loved ones who have crossed over.  However, many people develop an ongoing professional relationship with a psychic advisor, much like one would utilize the services of a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, pastor or counselor.  All of these professions provide a service to assist people in examining their past, present and future.  Each field has tools, language and belief systems that vary, although often overlap.  The psychic realm tends to focus on the mind, body, spirit connection and understanding how each area of your life influences the others.
Areas of Expertise
Love and Relationship:
A psychic love reading focused on past, current or future relationships.  This session can include how to improve conflicts, or if required, provide the tools to move forward and attract a situation that is more suited to your individual needs.  This session can also address fears of commitment, issues with self-confidence, and feelings of general negativity.

A psychic session focused on discovering an individual’s ambitions and talents.  This can include a person’s life purpose or destiny, how to attract a new job, school advice, how to solve work related issues and creating long term career goals.

A psychic reading focused on the dynamics that occur within a core group of individuals.  This is the session to choose when you desire to understand how to relate to or understand other family members.  This reading will expand your perspective of their decisions, so that you can more easily manage the relationship.  This session can also include the healing of past parental wounds, divorce issues, and parental guidance.

A psychic session focused on improving your financial situation.  This session is fantastic for identifying and transcending negative connections with your relationship or issues with finances.

A psychic session focused on understanding the imbalances in a person’s body and what action needs to be taken to facilitate healing. This session can also include the connection between challenges in your life and how they manifest in the physical body.

A psychic reading focused on understanding your legal opponent, and achieving desired outcome.  Through the psychic exploration of their perspective, a strategy can be formulated to minimize conflict and speed resolution.

A psychic session where a medium or channel communicates with those energies/individuals  who have crossed over into the non-physical plane or after-life.  The spirit in the non-physical often has a “conversation” with the medium in order to communicate with those in the physical realm.  This session is appropriate if you have unresolved issues with a loved one who has passed or you just want to re-connect to assist in the grieving process.

Past Life :
A psychic session that focuses on receiving information concerning lives that you have experienced prior to this incarnation.  This process is perfect for deeper understanding phobias, unknown attraction to people, places or things, and our current destiny.

A psychic reading focused on communicating with beloved animals, regardless of whether they are currently living or have passed.  This is a fantastic session to understand physical and psychological issues that may be present within animals who do not speak our human language.

A psychic session focused on broad Universal concepts, laws and religious beliefs. This reading can also include specific changes and steps required in a person’s life so they may experience a greater feeling of satisfaction and success.  This is the perfect choice to uncover your life lessons, destiny line, karmic agreements and how you can interact more effectively with the world around you.

Divination Tools are physical items that your advisor may utilize in order to receive information from the non-physical realm.  The energy does not originate from the tools, they are simply a physical item which allows the advisor to focus on, in order to receive the information.  Psychic advisors channel information from the past, present and that which has not manifested (the future.)  These tools can facilitate communication with energies (human or animal) who have crossed over. Below you will find a list of tool and methods commonly used by psychics:

Angel Cards:
Angel decks are one style of Oracle Cards.  These decks focus on direct messages and information from particular angelic energies.  Angel decks are typically feminine in energy and filled with uplifting and inspirational guidance.  These decks are typically not separated into suits or arcanas.  Many people used Angel decks by pulling one cards per day for Angelic communication, however, they can also be used for a full psychic reading.

Astrology is a system that maps the relative positions of celestial bodies at the time of a person’s birth and how these positions influence a person’s personality and life path.  The methodology of astrology is based on the premise that positions of the celestial bodies at the moment of a person’s birth exert a strong influence on character, personality and events occurring during the course of one’s lifetime.  Astrology can be used to understand the changing energy of the Universe and how the ebb and flow of the celestial bodies affect a person on a day to day basis.  This tool can be used for in depth understanding of other people and how to resolve conflicts.

Crystals can be in the form of a crystal ball, multiple crystals thrown on a table or a crystal pendulum.  As the advisor focuses on the crystal, the psychic activates his or her channels of intuitive communication. Often, the advisor can receive detailed images of situations from the past, present, or future.  Many practitioners say that the clear energy of the crystal assists them in clearing their mind to receive information from the non-physical realm.

Dream Interpretation:
Dream interpretation analyzes the symbols and events appearing in dreams in order to clarify an issue, put the dreamer in touch with his or her inner self, discern repressed thoughts, diagnose possible illnesses, or foretell the future. The practice of dream interpretation dates back to ancient times in recorded history.  Perhaps the most well-known interpreter of dreams was the Hebrew patriarch Joseph.  Contrary to popular belief, only a small percentage of dreams are directly prophetic.  Most dreams are a clearing out of the subconscious in attempt to awaken the individual to stresses or concerns that need to be rectified.

I Ching:
The I Ching, also known as the book of changes, dates back to approximately 4000 years.  Originating in China, it is the oldest known book in the world and the earliest surviving method for intuitive decision-making.  The I Ching’s information, originally in book form, was accessed and interpreted by throwing yarrow sticks and later coins.  The book of changes focuses on the ideas of the dynamic balance of opposites, the evolution of events as a process, and acceptance of the inevitability of change.  More recently I Ching decks, similar to Oracle decks, have become a popular tool for divination in the West.

Numerology is any of many systems, traditions or beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things.  The methodology of numerology is based on the premise that the full name a person was given at birth, as well as the day, month, and year that person was born, exert a strong influence on character, personality and events occurring during the course of your lifetime.  The Pythagorean system invented around 600 BC, possibly by the father of mathematics, Pythagoras, is the most commonly used numerological system.  This system uses the numbers 1 through 9, derived from the full name given at birth, and concentrates on worldly matters.

Oracle Cards:
A deck of cards used for divination without relying on the traditional Major or Minor Arcana.  Many current spiritual authors have released oracle decks following along the teachings in their books.  These cards can be used similar to a Tarot deck to receive guidance and information.  Oracle decks often differ in the number of cards.  Common themes used in oracle card decks involve the power of positive thought and metaphysical beings such as spirit guides, angels, fairies, mermaids and unicorns.

This tool is often used for Dowsing, the art of finding lost or hidden objects.  However, many psychic advisors use this along with their other divination tools to clarify and receive information from the non-physical realm.  Pendulums are also used in healing and Chakra clearing.  They are made from a variety of substances including, but not limited to crystals, gemstones, coral and polished stone.  For more information of how a pendulum is used, please see the crystals entry above.

Rune Stones:
Rune is an ancient Germanic alphabet dating from roughly 200 BC, believed to have been derived from the Roman or Greek alphabet.  The ancient Teutons secretly taught these letters and their meanings within the confines of their culture and religion. The very word “rune” means “mystery” in a number of Indo-European languages. In ancient times, when the runes were used for divination or spells, they were cut into the branches of fruit-bearing trees, and for this reason, even now, it is considered to hold the most divination power when written or carved on natural materials. Nowadays, rune oracles can be found with the symbols cut into crystals, stones or small pieces of wood.  There are also card decks featuring the runes.

Tarot Cards:
The Tarot deck is a collection of 78 images representing ancient and universal archetypes.   This collection is arranged in the form of a pack of cards and is used to gain insights into psychology and metaphysics, as well as specific information from a person‘s life and situation. There are a number of theories of the Tarot’s birth, but most scholars agree that its present form originated in the Middle Ages.  Rider-Waite, the original deck, was the only deck available up until the mid 1900’s.  With the interest of New Age spirituality becoming mainstream, there is now no shortage of styles of Tarot decks that can be found, ranging from simple and colorless to the very ornate, layered with much information.

Spiritual Communication
There are many ways an experienced psychic can connect with their clients. Here you will find a short list of abilities and methods available to Psychic Advisors.

Angel Guides:
Angel guides are spirits messengers from God, Universal Source or the Divine. Angels were created at the beginning of time.  They are ageless and sexless, although they can take male or female forms when necessary.  Angel guides often take the forms of animals.  Their purpose on earth is to bring messages from the Absolute to all earthly life forms, and provide aid and assistance when necessary.  Contrary to popular belief, human beings do not become angels when they die.

Clairaudience is the ability to receive information about an object, person, location, or physical event through the sixth sense of “hearing” in the mind, often called “whispers in the mind.”  This spirit guided voice often sounds exactly like one’s own voice.  Clairaudience is a pathway for receiving information from the non-physical plane through the auditory experience.

Clairsentience is the ability to feel, sense and interpret information about an object, person, location, or physical event through the sixth sense.  This can be used to assist people with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages and issues.  Clairsentients is a pathway for receiving information from the non-physical plane.

Clairvoyance (from 17th century French with clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is the ability to “see” information through the mind concerning an object, person, location, or physical event through the sixth sense, much like a dream or vision. This format of information is sometimes revealed in unfolding scenes, much like watching a movie in one’s mind.  The alternative path this information is communicated is through flashes of pictures and symbols.  This is a pathway for receiving information from the non-physical plane.

Direct Channeling:
Direct channeling is when a person allows a spirit or collection of spirits to speak through them.  One will notice that while the entity is utilizing the body, the vocal tone, handwriting and physical mannerisms will be different.  Such an entity can be an angel (often Michael or Gabriel), an Ascended Master (i.e. Ramtha or Lazaris), or a collection of energies (Abraham or the Emissaries of the Third Ray.)  The entity being channeled can use speech, automatic writing, or tools, such as Ouija boards or Tarot Cards.

An Empath is a person who has the ability to sense and/or understand emotions from another person or animal.  This includes stimulation to any or all of the five senses, as well as the sixth sense, without being verbally informed and/or without palpable visual clues.  Since Empaths are receiving energy, location of the subject has no bearing on the ability to connect.  A Empath is an psychic who has developed the skill of receiving, interpreting and communicating information from people, animals and non-physical beings.

Mediumship is the process where a psychic communicates with non-physical energies who have crossed over into the after-life.  The spirit in the non-physical often has a “conversation” with the medium in order to connect with those in the physical realm.

Pet Psychic:
A pet psychic is an intuitive who communicates with animals, regardless of whether they are in physical form or have crossed over to the after-life.  They have the ability to understand physical and psychological issues that may be present within animals who do not speak our human language.

Spirit Guides:
Spirit Guides are highly evolved energies in the non-physical realm who guide and assist us throughout our physical lives.  Many psychics utilize the assistance of spirit guides when channeling during psychic readings.  Spirit Guides are always there for assistance, regardless of whether the challenge is large or small, but will not intervene without our request.   Every individual has Spirit Guides that they can develop a relationship with in order to make more informed decisions regarding their life path.

Prepare for your reading
Before Your Psychic Reading:

There are a number of preparations that will assist you in having the most effective psychic session.

Find a location where you will be undisturbed by others (children, partners, etc…)  Turn off any equipment that may make noises (cell phones, televisions etc…)  Take a few moments for yourself in silence to quiet your mind and set an intention for the session.  What do you want to accomplish during your psychic session?

Write any questions down that you wish to have answered.  Remember that you only have a specific allocation of time to receive advice.  The more you are organized with your thoughts prior to your reading, the more advice can be channeled from your psychic.

Should I take notes? Of course, it is your decision.  However, we have found through our experience that the act of writing during a psychic reading slows down the process and is actually a distraction for you, the Member. A far wiser choice would be to listen intently or take advantage of our “record your session” option. This option can be found and selected in the shopping cart. The fee for this service is $7.00. Upon purchase, your Psychic Advisor will digitally record your session and Meet Your Psychic will email you the mp3 file that may be played on your computer or transferred to your portable music player.

Once you have quieted your mind and decided what you want to focus on during your session, you are now ready to connect with the advisor that will match your individual needs.  When choosing your advisor, take into consideration the areas that you are seeking guidance.  The tools that the advisors use are secondary, unless you have a personal preference.  If you want to ask questions about Jack, your dog, you would want to connect with a Pet Psychic.  If you wish to ask questions about your Father who has passed, you want to connect with Medium.  Each advisor has varied backgrounds and styles, however, we all have access to the same information.  Finding an advisor that resonates with you is a personal choice.  You are the wisest person on the planet for your journey, trust that you will connect with the advisor that is most appropriate for you. For more information go to our advisors “areas of expertise” section of their profile.

During Your Psychic Reading:

Focus on specific information the psychic is sharing with you.  Ask direct questions and offer direct answers.

Keep an open mind and realize that the psychic’s perspective is broader than how you may interpret the situation.  All channeled information is important, so don’t dismiss anything even if you do not immediately understand its relevance.  Also, time frames are non-linear in the non-physical realm, so information about the past, present and future tend to come through in no particular order.

When your advisor shares guidance that is a direct “hit”, it is in your interest to make that confirmation immediately so your psychic becomes aware they are linking on to a piece of your situation that you agree with.  On the same note, do not say you understand if you do not.  If you do not understand the message, give your psychic the opportunity to explain information in a different way or to double check what they are receiving.  If the information still does not feel right, trust your own intuition and share what does not seem to fit and why.

After Your Psychic Reading:

Also, use this time to map out any decisions or actions that are required to further your goals and personal evolution.  Know, that as you are affecting change in your life, our psychics are always here to help you regain clarity in moments of confusion.  We are here with compassion, understanding and non-judgment.  Allow us to guide you in making wise decisions today to create the tomorrow that you desire.
When the reading is complete, take a few moments and journal about your experience (or review your recorded session). Take particular note of the advice and how you felt receiving the information.  You should now have the knowledge and self-confidence to make educated choices for your life.  Are you ready for change?  Only you can create change in your life, but we may provide you with the path to do so.