How Our Psychic SMS Works

How Our Psychic SMS Works

Step 1: Tell us which psychic you would like to SMS

Text the Psychic pin code for example 1000 to 0448 986 832.  If you want to throw your fate to the universe simply text FATE and you will be given a random psychic to ask questions too.  If you want to swap psychics simply send the psychic pin to change.  When you set a psychic or change a psychic the response you receive back is free and does not deduct from your balance of questions available.

Step 2: Text us your question

Before you can ask a question you must have set the psychics pin you want to SMS text with, without doing this your question will not be answered.  The more specific your question the more specific your answer.  General readings are not suitable by text as we are limited to one short text reply.  We do not charge for texts sent to us – we only charge where a psychic has replied.  Some mobile phone companies might charge for sending text messages, please check with your phone company for details of charges on your plan with them.

Step 3: Your reading will be queued

Our psychics will review your question generally  within 20 minutes, during peak hours this may be a little longer and will write a text back to you with your reading.  All our readings are done by readers and are NEVER automatic or computer generated.

Step 4: Enjoy your reading reply

When completed and sent back to you will be deducted 1 question form your SMS question balance, our rates range from $2.00 to $3.50 per message depending on the package you purchased.  If you have no credit at the time your reading is received then it will be automatically deleted.  Unfortunately we cannot resend readings so please ensure you have enough credit to receive your reading.  Trust is important and we promise we will never subscriber you to any ads from using this SMS service.