Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction in Easy Terms

The Law of Attraction is not  a new concept or a secret many purport it to be.  Nor is it particularly complicated.  It is, however easier to understand through experience than through words. 

If I were to attempt to describe it in the best sense I would say:

Whatever you think about and feel about, will inspire actions you bring about.

So what does, that mean?

For one thing, it means you are not alone.  You are connected to all energy in the universe by your very existence.  How could you not be?  All the thoughts you think and actions you take affect something else.  Things that others do not affect you!  Alexander Graham Bell disputably invented the telephone, and now the entire civilised world is affected by it.  The same goes for everything everyone does and think.  We are all affected by each other.

“So what?” you might ask.

So… this means that the thoughts you think create energy.  Energy = activity.  Most people cannot “see” energy but they know it exists.  The energy you create with your thoughts immediately becomes part of universal energy.  The same goes for your feelings.  Whatever you are feeling creates energy.  And again, as soon as you feel it, it blends with all the energy that is.  Just like rain becomes part of the earth which creates a chain reaction of growth as soon as it reaches the ground, you create the beginning of a real-life scenario as soon as you experience a feeling, think a thought, or take an action!

How this happens is that the energy you’re released immediately attracts other energy that is the same as itself.  We witness this in action all around us.  People with the same mindset gravitates toward each other.  Animals gather in herds or flocks because they are attracted to those which are like themselves.  The energy of one storm cloud attracts that of another.  The same goes for the energy of your thoughts and feelings.  That special energy that you’ve created is attracting other energy that is just like it.

And as the energy gathers more energy like itself, it keeps growing and gaining momentum, just like a snowball rolling, and then speeding down a mountain side.  This momentum causes events and opportunities to show up in your life that are related to your thoughts and feelings, because the energy of those events and opportunities that are showing up is attracted to what you are thinking, feeling or doing.

The it is up to you to listen to your inner voice and take inspired action on the opportunities that feel right to you, to bring you closer to your true desire.

If you consistently allow yourself to experience negative thoughts and feelings, then negative situations will arise in your life.  If you consistently allow yourself to experience positive thoughts and feelings, that is what will come into your life by way of the opportunities for you to act upon.

The law of attraction is the law of energy!