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First time customers get to experience our service at an up to 50% off our regular affordable pricing. Just use the country selector to display packages in local currency.

Experience Soul 2 Path YOUR way!

We go through great lengths to protect our customers while providing the best possible service. We want every aspect of your Soul 2 Path experience to be memorable.

Know your time before you call. We charge you before your reading allowing YOU to control what you spend. We don't believe in hiding any fees. Our trained Psychics WILL NOT keep you on the line trying to run up your total. You pre-paid, so your total is already set. Cann your psychic with 100% confidence.

The five-minute guarantee is just another way we protect you. If, for some reason, you aren't connecting with your reader within the first five minutes of your reading, simply hang up and complete the satisfaction Guarantee online form. Will credit back any minutes so you can use the full minutes with another psychic. To request a credit of minutes plese click here.

You can call our line with the knowledge all of our psychics are extensively tested before being hired by our line. We never use paying customers to test new readers out. If a psychic isn't up to our standards, we politely explain where their deficiencies are. We like to see psychic readers grow and potentialy unlock abilities they themselves never thought possible. Psychic readers are always welcome to apply again once they feel they're ready. We love our psychic community.

We allow you to choose the type of reading and psychic you need. Customers generally know exactly what they want. If you need a Reiki practioner who uses tarot cards, reading the psychics profile will give you that insight. We offer a wide array of psychics with different abilities and strong suits. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Mediumship, Astrology, and Tarot are just a few of the abilities our readers possess. If you're looking for help in love or career, we have psychics that specialise in those fields as well..

Customer Feedback

Praise for Psychic Steve (PIN: 9512)
Though I’m grateful to have a benefit of a psychic within driving distance, ironically my readings have thus far been by phone. I can’t attest enough how grounded Steven is in his work and I’m amazed at the accuracy of his readings (and not in the diluted Daily Horoscope kind of way).His great care and warm guidance come through as if you were in the same room so much so that I may never need the live reading I intended from the beginning. What I’ve learned most in the short time I’ve worked with him is to really take part in the process. Be open to, take advantage of and apply the wealth of information offered during the reading. I definitely feel it’s prepared and paved by way for why I am having such a great experience.
Nancy, QLD