Numerology Number 8

8 Life Path – Power and Abundance

You are a magnetic person who can make a great leader and organizer because of your ability to see the big picture of things.  You also have a knack for managing people and projects on a large scale, and have the ability to make a great deal of money. You do everything larger than life. You are strong, both physically and emotionally, and your strength is often tested. You are passionate about everything you do. You can, and want (if not secretly) to make a great deal of money or  be in a position of power, and use your advantages in service to the higher good. You like people to view you with respect.

Challenge: You often fear your passions or power, associating these qualities with negativity or greed. You need to trust that your passions will lead you to your purpose, and being powerful with the right intentions can be in service of the greater good. You can often feel victimized, or get so caught up in your career that you forget to take time to play or nurture your spirit. Since you are meant to learn to be a steward of money and power, and harness the infinite resources of the Universe, you can experience great losses as well as great gains. You can actively avoid money, responsibility, status or power due to subconscious fears that others will view you as greedy or domineering. Once you understand that the more power you channel from Source, the more good you can do in the world,  then nothing can stop you from being the magnetic and philanthropic leader you were born to be!