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Phone Readings
• 15 Mins $40 • 20 Mins $52 • 30 Mins $75 • 40 Mins $96
Frrom $2.40 per min including GST
SMS Readings
• 5 Msgs $17 • 10 Msgs $25 • 20 Msgs $40
From $2.00 per msg including GST
Pay By:  Mastercard Accepted VISA Accepted American Express Accepted
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Reward Points

Good Vibe Rewards

The Soul 2 Path Psychics Good Vibe Reward Program is a great way to accumulate more minutes to your account.
When you make your first purchase with us you are automatically enrolled in the Good Vibe Reward Program, you can check your rewards balance at any time by visiting the membership centre and entering your six digit passcode.

Benefits of Good Vibe Rewards

• 10% Reward Minutes on every purchase.
• Applied After every 10th purchase automatically.
• More minutes you purchase the greater the rewards you will receive.
* Applies to both Psychic Phone and SMS Readings. Your rewards are automatically applied immediately after you make your 10th purchase. Good Vibe Rewards are only applied for the last 10 purchases.

Customer Feedback

Praise for Psychic Steve (PIN: 9512)
Steven is a book of knowledge. He is generous, kind, genuine and very easy to talk to. He is extremely intuitive and there is no nonsense with him. His development courses are fantastic! Highly recommend!
Melissa, ACT