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Powered By Synchronicity Media

Powered By Synchronicity Media

What does “Powered by Synchronicity Media” signify?

When you see the “Powered by Synchronicity Media” badge on a website, it indicates the site's intergration with the Synchronicity Media technological infrastructure. This comes with numerous benefits:

• A unified login using just one member code across all platforms enhanced by Synchronicity Media.
• A single, secure account that maintains your information confidentially across all “Powered by Synchronicity Media” platforms.
• Access to familiar features from Soul 2 Path Psychics, such as client dashboard, agents list and more.

I noticed my account is now “Powered by Synchronicity Media.” What implications does this have?

If you've previously registered on Soul 2 Path Psychics, you're in for a seamless experience. The credentials you set up on Soul 2 Path Psychics can now be used to access your account data on any platform showcasing the “Powered by Synchronicity Media” badge. Hence, whenever you spot this emblem, there's no need for a fresh registration on that site.


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