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Psychic Aurora Starr
Psychic Aurora Starr - PIN 9091
Available Today at 6:00 pm to 12:00 am (AEST)
My name is Aurora. I am an intuitive energy healer, spiritual counsellor, teacher and guide, clairvoyant/ clairaudient/clairsentient psychic medium,  spirit channeller and sound healer - an empathic warrior goddess who specializes in soul retrieval healing, Akashic records, life path resets, generational curse removal, energy cleansing, chord removal and spiritual, auric and life force energy resets and imprinting new energy signatures/intentions.

I use sacred vibrational sounds, tones and beats to invoke healing energy through meditation, harnessing these energies for you to assist you to heal any soul wounds from the past, reset good intentions & vibrations to your life and reconnect you to the highest energy.

I use my giftings to read your energies, connect to guides and relay information with clarity - helping you understand your current situation - whether personal, relationship, family, career, finances or in general, allowing you to gain foresight and become aware of the potential awaiting you.

I am compassionate and understanding. I use my life experience to relate to you and your situations - to understand what you are going through. Let me help guide you through a difficult time or situation and out the other side to new beginnings, new joy, new happiness. I pride myself in being a trusted and honest reader, who is non judgemental and confidential.

RESTORE YOUR SOUL - 2023 Onwards
With the post pandemic 'new normal' world we now exist in, we need to upgrade our energies, spiritual life practices, ways to live, cope etc. I am able to assist you in not just surviving in the new age, but to live life more fulfilled, happier, more content through energy cleansing, auric & spiritual resets, new soul energy signatures & intentions, new life path direction and new soul imprintings. 

I am here to assist you in reviving your own potential and surviving todays world.
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