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Psychic Joane
Psychic Joane - PIN 7307
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With my abilities being inherited from both sides of my family lineage ,I carry fond memories of Connecting to the Spirit World as early as childhood.

My Connection to The Spirit World  enables me to be able to tune into your Past, Current & Future Circumstances based on your Current Energy. 

With this I really do enjoy providing clarity to all those troubling questions and use my Spiritual Abilities to empower people to live their Best life.

Also I'm very Passionate about Connecting People to their Past love Ones and providing those much needed messages of Encouragement and Guidance.

With Training in Reiki , NLP, Theta Healing and Holistic Counselling  I am able to connect with you on a Deep soul level.

No  tools are required  for my Connection but I will use Oracle Cards as per request.

Join me today in a session and let's see what messages spirit have for you . 

Lots of love Joane & Spirit xx
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About Psychic Joane
Psychic Joane has been a psychic on Soul 2 Path Psychics since 2022 and is one of our popular advisors.
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