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We are constantly looking for talented individuals to read for our service. If you're a gifted psychic looking for competitive pay and flexible hours, apply today.

Soul 2 Path Psychics is hiring!

Earn money as an independent contractor by giving psychic readings. If you truely possess psychic abilities and want to share your gift with clients, you can earn great income while working out of your home. Create your own schedule. Earn income by talking on the phone assisting our clients with issues, questions and concerns.

We are looking for Psychics based in Australia Only!.

This is a wonderful opportunity!

Let us do the hard work involved in running the business end. We protect your privacy and work hard to promote your talents. You can concentrate on the quality of your readings and focus on how to make your special abilities assist clients. Please fill out the application below. We will get back to you as soon as possbile for an interview. We are different. We are based on repeat clientele, great customer service, and wonderful, caring advisors. Our clients call back for a reason. Many of our readings have been here for years. We care about our readers. This is a great way to genrate income while using your gifts to help people.

Earn Money to Fit in With Your Busy Life

With us you work when you want, from where you want for as long as you want.We offer the top rates, weekly paid, a friendly understanding ethical business. All we ask is that you give genuine, ethical and empathic readings to our customers.

All shifts are fixed, our system will automatically log you in and off during your specified roster shift. when logged on, you must answer all calls.

Paid Talk Minutes Rates
Day Shift PeriodDay RateNight Shift PeriodNight Rate
06:00am to Midnight$ 1.00Midnight to 06:00am$ 1.05

The amounts above are calculated using Foreign Currency rates and are subject to change.
Last Updated: Saturday 25th of March 2023 09:24:48 AM - Brisbane, Australia - Currency AUD

Our week starts Thursday 00:00:00 hours (AEST) and ends Wednesday 23:59:59 (AEST), when working out your pay band any hours between 12.01am and 6am are not included in the period current your total hours, and will be carried over to the next week.

You must be available to do a minimum of 5 shifts per week (eg. 4 weekday and 1 weekend shift).  Each shift is for the duration of 6 hours. If you work on another line you must not be logged on two lines at the same time, as this may cause missing callers calls, which are closely monitored and after three missed calls you may be permanently removed from the network.

We can connect callers using the following services in Australia:

NOTE: Please remove all answering machines and call waiting services before applying to become an Independent Psychic & Clairvoyant provider. As an Independent Psychic & Clairvoyant provider you will be responsible for your own Tax affairs.

A kind notice. We only take on psychic readers who are reliable, professional and have an ethical approach to psychic telephone readings. Please ensure that all details are completed before submitting. If you match what we are looking for, a member of our fantastic reader support team will contact you within a few days to discuss the role in more detail.

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Please select shift times carefully as these are the shifts if you are successful we will be using.  We also require you to select at least one day per weekend and have at least 5 shifts.  You must select a mixture of shfits.  Failure to complete this requirement will make this application void.

Currently we have availability for our overnight and early morning shifts, each shift is 6 hours in duration.

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