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At Soul 2 Path Psychics, we offer you the platform to utilise your psychic abilities while enjoying the flexibility for setting your own work hours. Our experience customer service and marketing teams are available to aid you in your journey, ensuring that your online presence reaches its maximum potential. Your success is our mission and we offer comprehensive marketing support. The more time you commit online, the higher your client base.

Our clients are our top priority and we go to great lengths to ensure they receive nothing short of exceptional service. This is why our recruitment process is thorough, aiming to attract only the best psychic talent. In return, we reward you with one of the industry's most competitive pay rantes and a supportive work environment. If you have a unique psychic gift and are interested in contributing to our esteemed service, we invite you to get in touch.

We kindly ask that only individuals currently living in Australia apply.

To be considered for our team of phone psychics, you need to:

• Have a dedicated Landline or Mobile Phone for receiving calls (with call waiting and voicemail deactivated).
• Hold an active Australian Business Number (ABN).
• Be comfortable using your chosen psychic tools (e.g., Tarot cards, runes, astrological charts, etc.)
• Have a fast and reliable internet connection
• Secure a quiet, comfortable space in your home or office for work.
• Commit to working a minimum of 15 hour per week
• Adhere to our code of conduct
• Flexible with your hours working Days/Nights and Weekends

If you align with our requirements and consider yourslef a genuine psychic, we welcome your application. Please provide your details in the form provided. Our team at Soul 2 Path Psychics looks forward to the possiblity of working together.


Soul 2 Path Psychics is a leading spiritual and psychic services platform that connects gifted psychics with individuals seeking guidance on love, career, destiny, and more.

As an independent contractor, you will provide psychic readings and consultations to our clients. You will operate as a self-employed individual, meaning you will be responsible for your own taxes and expenses.

Candidates must:

• Be at least 18 years old.
• Be able to demonstrate psychic skills.
• Undergo a screening and interview process.
• Have a dedicated, quiet space to conduct readings.

Earnings at Soul 2 Path Psychics are structured based on per-minute talk rates, which are determined by your years of experience as a psychic. Each experience level has an attractive rate designed to reward our psychics for their dedication and to encourage growth. As you reach a new anniversary with us each year, you have the opportunity to climb the scale and earn at higher rates. The more hours you invest the higher chance you have for the potential to earn more.

Payments are made weekly on Friday's via Direct Debit to your nominated Australian Bank Account. We cannot make payments to Credit Cards or other third party providers.

No, Soul 2 Path Psychics has a policy against our psychics working on competitor lines. This is to prevent potential conflicts and ensure the best experience for our clients and team members. If you are associated with another similar phone line, you will not be considered for a position with Soul 2 Path Psychics.

Yes, as an independent contractor, you have the flexibility to choose your own working hours. We do, however, expect a minimum commitment of 15 hours per week, of these hours you must do at least 1 weekend shift. Shifts must be minimum of 3 hours with a maximum of 6 hours.

There are no fees to join Soul 2 Path Psychics. Instead, we offer a compensation structure based on a per-talk-minute rate, which varies depending on your number of years of experience as a phone psychic. A portion of each consultation goes towards covering platform maintenance, marketing, and administrative costs.

Complete the application form contained on this screen. One of our team members will respond within 48 hours.

No, all callers remain the customers of Soul 2 Path Psychics. Independent consultants are strictly prohibited from sharing personal details, including phone numbers, social media handles, or email addresses. Our advanced AI monitoring software reviews each call for compliance. Any violations of this policy will result in the immediate termination of the independent contractor agreement.

Our pay scale is designed to reward experience and dedication. The scale is tiered, with different rates for day and night consultations. Below are the details of our pay scales:

Scale 1 (5+ Years Experience):
• Day: $1.00 per minute
• Night: $1.05 per minute
Scale 2: (4 to 5 Years Experience)
• Day: $0.95 per minute
• Night: $1.00 per minute
Scale 3: (3 to 4 Years Experience)
• Day: $0.90 per minute
• Night: $0.95 per Minute
Scale 4: (2 to 3 Years Experience)
• Day: $0.85 per minute
• Night: $0.90 per Minute
Scale 5: (1 to 2 Years Experience)
• Day: $0.80 per minute
• Night: $0.85 per minute
Scale 6: (Less than 1 Year Experience)
• Day: $0.75 per minute
• Night: $0.80 per minute

Consultants are placed on a scale based on experience, performance, and other criteria. As you grow and develop with us, there are opportunities to advance on the scale and earn a higher rate.

Day Rates apply 6am to 6pm, Night Rates Apply 6pm to 6am.

You should speak to Services Australia they can advise how much you can earn each fornight without impacting your payments. The following information was current as at 20th August 2023.

Disability Support Pension
• Up to $204 per fortnight - $0.00 reduction
• Over $204 per fortnight - 50 cents for each dollar over $204.

• Up to $150 - $0.00 reduction
• Over $150 - 50 cents for each dollar between $150 and $256 then 60 cents > $256.

It is the independent contractors obligation to report all earnings. We do not report any amounts to government services.

No, you are not an employee of Synchronicity Media Pty Ltd, or any of its brands. Please do not advise your Job Network provider that you are employed by us. We have an independent contractor agreement in place.

When being contacted by Job Network Providers we do tell the truth and will not enter into any mis-information.

List any accomplishments you would like us to review. This can help us to match you up with the perfect clientele. Please have any degrees, memberships, past employment or other pertinent information available for us to review. You may add any comments about your application or additional information here.


Once you have been accepted to work on the line, we will provide you with an independent contractor agreement for you to fill out and return to us, information sheets about day-to-day details, and other Helpful information, etc. You will need to provide us with a bio and picture (optional) for the web site. We have you pick a name (name subject to our approval) and telephone number that you only use for us. Again, Soul 2 Path Psychics. thanks you for your interest and will contact you soon. Feel free to contact us at 61-409-975-589 if you have any questions.