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Psychic Nikki
Psychic Nikki - PIN 4471
Available Today at 11:00 am to 5:00 pm (AEST)
Greetings beautiful Souls,

I am Psychic Medium and Oracle.

I always speak truth lovingly & compassionately while helping you to find your path in an empowered & enlightened way... With over 20years of professional experience I have the ability to gather a variety of multi dimensional information in order to help one connect with the Divine essence of their Soul. 

Since childhood my abilities have been recognised to connect and communicate with energies of all dimensional life. I have been blessed to develop with the natural guidance of Spirit, guides and mentors hoping to inspire all with love and blessings. 

As an Oracle using quantum Shamanic practices, I have vast access to different planes of the multiversal information. This powerful practice has allowed me to work with many different clients globally from indigenous tribes as ‘spirit eyes’ to helping business with ‘energy flow’ 

Within a held sacred space of non judgement I will connect you directly with accurate solutions and information that you need. 

As a spirit communicator I can facilitate a direct connection with your soul vibration allowing a free flowing conversation that you can utilise as self guidance along your path. 

While with spirit I will also utilise the psychic medium tarot, runes and scrying to provide you with exactly what you need.  Discover the divine essence of Soul and how to connect one’s present experience through it…

A multidimensional connection that will elevate your humans soul experience…

Psychic Medium,Fae Magi/shaman, Tarot/Oracle reader, Crystal healing practitioner & Channel for Divine guidance..
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