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Psychic Suzanne
Psychic Suzanne - PIN 7078
Available until 2:30 pm (UTC+10)
Hello, I am Suzanne and you have been guided to me for a reason.

I come from a long family line of Mediums and Psychics, who’s gifts have been passed onto me and my intuition and predictions have been with me for as long as I can remember and that’s a long time!

What sort of reading would you like? Would you like to see what is happening around you and what the outcome may be? Or maybe you need answers in regards to a relationship? Or perhaps you are unsure of what the coming months will bring?

It could be you would like to hear from a loved one that has passed? I can bring healing messages to you from past loved ones. Sometimes they will show up in the reading, and if this happens they want to speak to you, possibly to let you know they are doing fine, or to speak something that was never said during their lifetime that you may need to hear.

When I give a reading I am guided to give you the information you need to hear so I may use one or more of my gifts to communicate the message to you. Know that whatever comes through, it will be heartfelt and honest and what is needed to be heard.

I am here for you and I am here for the spirit world. I am happy to answer any questions you have, and will do so with love and compassion to bring more clarity to your life.

My Qualifications are:

• Psychic/Medium (My teachers/Mentors are world renowned James Van Praagh, Gordon Smith and Denise Leitchfield).
• Diploma in Tarot and Oracle Cards
• Seichim & Reiki Master Teacher
• Diploma in Crystal Healing
• Diploma in Spiritual Counselling
• Diploma in Past Life Regression
• Certification in Sound Healing
• Diploma in Angelic Healing
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