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Daily Horoscopes – Scorpio

Daily Horoscope

Sunday, 14 August, 2022

Don`t hesitate to surprise your friends or family with an aspect of your personality that they rarely -- if ever -- get to see. If you`re usually quiet and studious, let your creative, outgoing side out for a little fun. If you tend to approach life with a lackadaisical attitude, this is a good time to go about your daily tasks in a more serious way. This day is all about making changes, catching people off guard and making a good impression in the process. And who knows -- you may even surprise yourself with what you`re capable of.

Monday, 15 August, 2022

Your health is your main concern today -- and thank goodness, since preventative measures will save you a lot of time in the long run. Don`t ignore any nagging aches and pains, Scorpio, and even if you don`t have anything chronic bothering you, make sure that you take all sensible and necessary precautions anyway. Having a doctor know your medical history and checking in with him or her is the best way to ensure your mental state (as well as your physical) stays in top-notch shape.

Monday, 8 August, 2022 to Sunday, 14 August, 2022

Start no new mail, communications, computer, machinery, auto, travel, red tape or paperwork projects now through this week, Scorpio. Keep alert for mistakes and delays with ongoing situations/chores in these areas. Have a Plan B ready or wait patiently. A long period of fine fury in love, sex, creativity or speculative arenas abates. Now into the week, a good, string work project will begin but try not to start it before the weekend. Social delights bless you now. These days are good for money. Lie low, rest mid-week. Your charisma, energy soar as the week ends.


This would be a calm and relaxing period for Scorpio people. Jupiter, the planet of expansion would be favourably posited for the natives that luck is in store for them. The outer planets give you a comfortable living all this year. All hindrances that had been holding back your forward movement would be now removed. However Saturn in Aquarius continues to delay your forward motion. Through the course of the year, you might meet with opposition in personal and professional life, but you would have the guts to break all shackles and come out successful.

• For Scorpios, year 2022 proves to be a mixed bag of fortunes.
• Health of natives in particular needs utmost care for the season.
• Many Scorpios have overseas travel on their cards for the year.
• Rahu or the Moon’s north node posited in your 7th house of Taurus might interfere with your love life or marriage.
• Be cautious of your professional moves, as tough times are predicted for you this year.
• On the financial side, this would be a great year with tremendous potential by your side.
• Though there might be some expenditure, you would be able to garner much financial resources this year.
• Scorpio students find the year favourable for higher studies.
• Your domestic life and welfare would undergo a tumultuous move this year.
• Parents and children in the family would encounter health issues for now.
• Saturn would make sure that your relationship with partner or spouse is intact for the year ahead.
• Beware of chronic ailments, try to prevent them as getting rid of health issues would be a Herculean task for now.

2022 Love Horoscope for Scorpio

In 2022, Jupiter would uphold your love life and bring greater meaning to it. As the year starts, there would be much romance and emotions in your love life. Be prepared to expect the unexpected in your love life this year. Around the middle of the year, partner might shower you with costly gifts. You would experience perfect, loyal and committed love for now. But then Saturn transiting in Aquarius might restrict your expression of love interest. And sometimes, the outer planets would put you up on the fence. There might be occasional moments of dissonance or incompatibility with partner as well. A frank talk or negotiation would do wonders. Talk your way into the heart of your partner or spouse, do not let any third party interfere in your personal life.

• Rahu placed in your 7th house of love or marriage might bring about some oscillations in your love life this year.
• The second quarter of the year might bring about some troubles in your love.
• Health issues of spouse would haunt the married Scorpios this year.
• Beware of minor scuffles and misunderstandings with partner/lover around the middle of the year, it might bring about temporary separation as well.
• During the second half of the year, your love life would grow and there would be bliss in your marriage.
• Around the last quarter of year 2022, you stand to gain a lot from your partner.
• Saturn would bring about true, loyal and committed love for the native Scorpios.
• Try not to smother your partner/spouse by too much of interference, give him or her the true freedom they deserve.
• Some single Libras would fall in love around the end of the year.
• If willing there is scope for some natives to start a joint venture with their partner, which would improve their financial standing too.

2022 Health Horoscope for Scorpio

For the year ahead, Saturn would bring about many changes in your physical and mental well being. There would be many ups and downs in your moods and general health. Your energy levels would also fluctuate variably. Laying low, relaxing and pursuing some physical work outs would give you goodness in body and mind. This would be a generally good year though for your health. Personal and professional commitments might make you neglect your health at times, be cautious. Worries and anxieties might be brought about Ketu loitering in your Ascendant house. And Rahu in the 7th house would interfere with the health of spouse and partner, be cautious.

• After the first quarter of year 2022, Jupiter would bless you with good health and cheer.
• However the whole year would be a period of mixed health scenarios.
• Ketu placed in your house throughout the year, would give you some disease or the other, but there would be no major impacts on life.
• Some Scorpios might develop chronic health issues this year, hence you have to be quite cautious.
• The first half of the year might see a deterioration of general health of those with underlying health issues.
• The latter half would bless you with better health provided you resort to good health practices and preventive measures.
• Natives are particularly advised to be wary of contagious or infectious diseases this year and not to be lethargic.

2022 Career Horoscope for Scorpio

As the year 2022 starts, your career performance would be quite satisfactory. If you are into business, then stay away from any sort of partnership deals as you might end up in losses or financial frauds for the period. It is better you stay to yourself. There would be stiff competition from peers and enemies in your work place. Only hard work and commitment would see you through.

But then the second quarter of the year would bring good tidings in your work place. As Jupiter would be aspecting your 10th house of Leo, you would get good recognition in your workplace. There would be scope for you to learn new skills as well. Rahu aspecting your 6th house would bring about occasional troubles and incompatibility in career. Hence be cautious and the end of the year would offer good job positions for the deserving Scorpios out there.

• Year 2022 would be quite a challenging year for Scorpios in terms of career and professional prospects.

• Saturn transiting through your 3rd house of Capricorn would ask for much hard work and commitment through the period to excel in workplace.

• There would be frequent periods of troubles and trials in your career.
• Job loss on the cards for some natives, who are either lethargic or unwilling to go the extra mile.
• The middle of the year would be favourable for a relocation or job change.
• Some travel, both long distance and short trips likely owing to profession for the natives.
• Natives into business would see the year quite good for the financial prospects.

2022 Finance Horoscope for Scorpio

As the year 2022 starts, the general finances of Scorpios would be very good. You would be spending a large chunk of your finances for buying of you dream house, a landed property or luxury vehicles. Expenditure related to health concerns for native and family members likely in this year. After the first quarter of the year, there would be good inflow of funds, better gains in life, thanks to the aspect of Jupiter on your 11th house of Virgo. Auspicious events, pilgrimages and charity and social works would also ask for a sizeable amount of financial commitment from you. Be audacious, keep to your budget plans and follow thrift for sometime.

• This year would be a very good period for the finances of Scorpio people.
• As the year starts, there might be an escalation of your expenditure, go on and indulge, but live within your means.
• You stand to gain through legal issues and law suits this year.
• During this year, you would be able to save ample financial resources for future.
• But then the middle part of the year might pose some troubles for your financial aspirations.
• Social and charity works, religious commitments and pilgrimages might ask for a better chunk of your finances for the year.
• As the year ends, your financial standing would be quite better when compared to the previous few seasons.

2022 Family Horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio natives are assured domestic welfare and happiness all through this year. As Saturn would be in your 3rd house for the year, there would be goodness in the relationship at home with siblings. Peace and harmony would prevail at home thanks to Jupiter being in your 4th house of Aquarius. Your social life would also excel well for the year. After the completion of the first quarter, there would be betterment of your familial situations. Auspicious events at home bring joy and happiness. There would be much warmth and personal satisfaction for the period. You would get the full love and support of family members as well for now.

• In general, the family life of Scorpio people would be fluctuating for the year 2022.
• During the first quarter of the year, there might be some impediments for family happiness and prosperity.
• Health of elder members in the family, in particular parents might need medical attention these days.
• The rest of the three quarters of the year would bring good tidings in your family life.
• There would be scope for renewal or renovation of your home.
• There would be cordial relations with siblings.
• Though misunderstandings might arise in the family occasionally, you would be able to sort them out quite amicably this year.

2022 Education Horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio students are asked to put in more effort and hard work if they ought to survive this year. As the year starts, they would be able to succeed in exams and competitions. The middle of the year would be very favourable if you are opting to go for higher studies. Those who are average in studies would find the going tough these days. Overseas study options abound this period too. Your educational desires and ambitions would materialise simply if you are ready to sacrifice your time.

2022 Travel Horoscope for Scorpio

Year 2022 would be favourable for the travel prospects of Scorpio people. Saturn in your third house of Capricorn would bless you with many long and short distant travels this year. And these travel would be for fun, pleasure and business and would bring you good gains and experience. Jupiter, the planet of expansion would bless you with foreign travel for adventure too. The aspiring Scorpios would have the opportunity to travel with family for leisure. Around the end of the year, you might go on pilgrimage travels as well.

2022 Advice for Scorpio

This year advises the Scorpios to let go off of their rigid and stubborn nature and handle things with ease. Stop taking your stance and get the opinion of others around. In this way you could win hearts.

About Scorpio

scorpiozScorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and symbolised by the scorpion. This is one of the most powerful and intense signs. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and the element is water.

Scorpios are complex people, deep and mysterious and difficult to figure out. They might appear calm and collected outwardly, but lurking inside could be a seething emotional volcano waiting to burst out. They have a great deal of will power and courage which makes it possible for them to achieve feats that most others don’t even dare to attempt. They love a good challenge and will pursue it till they win.

Scorpios are loyal friends who can be relied on. They are highly secretive and sensitive by nature. They display leadership capabilities and are likely to play a powerful role in the lives of those close to them. They do not believe in compromises but pursue their goals in life with single-mindedness and dedication till they get them.


They are the most compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn. Scorpio is an undiluted symbol of sex and those born under this sign make passionate lovers. However, they can turn moody and depressed if their sexual needs are not met.

They have an exciting and magnetic presence alluring to the opposite sex. They make committed and faithful partners. They are attracted towards strong and perceptive partners.

Negative Characteristics

Scorpios possess a strong rebellious streak and have progressive views that throw conventional thinking out of the window. Jealousy is a vice that has a strong presence in their lives. They do not forgive slights easily and bear grudges for a very long time. They can be rather callous towards others’ feelings and can be blunt to the point of being hurtful at times. This is a major peeve that others have against them.

Lucky Colours

Midnight Blue

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Scorpio Celebrities

Hillary R. Clinton • Bill Gates • Demi Moore • Theodore Roosevelt