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    Now you can text a psychic anywhere, anytime on our great new psychic text service. It’s easy! Simply:

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Text #9999 or # psychic pin (e.g. #1234) and we will respond then you can start asking any question to your chosen Psychic text 0448 986 832.
18+ only. $4.00 dollars to $2.50 depending on package + standard network charges

 A talented psychic reader will text you back, then you can ask all those burning questions.  The benefit of using our text service is that you can use it anytime and anywhere.  It is a great alternative to having a full telephone reading when you are short of time.  You can text a psychic from home whilst having a Sunday morning lie-in, on a train, while out shopping – anytime you want a question answered.

You can ask a question about any area of your life, whether it is career, family, finance or love just text # and the psychic pin or text #9999 and allow the universe to select a psychic for you.  Just text to 0448 986 832.  If you are ever unsure or just don’t know which way to turn then the Psychic Text Reading service is just the right tool to offer help and guidance.

Psychic Text Readings are cost effective, simple and easy to access any time of the day or night.

We make an effort to ensure all Psychic SMS Text messages are answered with a timely manner.  If no Psychics are available for SMS Text messaging your question will be answered as soon as a psychic becomes available.  The first response after you change your psychic preference is free.  It will advise the psychic name and how many sms messaging credits you have available.