THIS AGREEMENT is made on between and Soul 2 Path Psychics, 515 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo, QLD 4151.

This agreement will govern the relationship between Soul 2 Path Psychics (ABN 30 598 951 906) herein after
referred to as “the Service” and the Sub-Contractor herein after referred to as “the Consultant” from the above date until determined. For the avoidance of doubt there is no obligation upon the Consultant to accept any readings offered by the Service, except as set out in clause 12, nor any obligation on the Service to offer such readings.

  1. The Service will engage the services of the Consultant as a telephone psychic reader from their location or
    other premises from time to time be mutually agreed.
  2. The Consultant is engaged on a self-employed basis, and will ensure that they retain an active ABN number as issued by the Australian Taxation Office. The Consultant will be responsible for his/her own Income Tax and other taxation/business obligations and will indemnify the Service against any claims arising from taxation, business or employer obligations.
  3. The Service will pay to the Consultant a fee for the services which the Consultant provides to the Service. This fee will be as set out in the schedule provided separately.
  4. The Service will pay the Consultant by Friday of the following week by EFT transfer to the Consultants
    nominated bank account.
  5. The duties of the Consultant will be to provide psychic readings over the telephone to customer of the
  6. The Consultant will be able to indicate their willingness to receive calls by logging on to the computerised call centre.
  7. The Consultant will be free to supply services to any Company or on his/her own behalf directly to the public, but will not deliberately or knowingly entice customers away from the Service.
  8. The Consultant will at all times maintain a high standard of reading and exercise proper skill and expertise.
  9. The Consultant will not be subject to direction form the Service as to the manner in which the Consultant’s readings are to be performed.
  10. The Service will ensure that the Consultant is provided with sufficient support staff and resources to ensure that the Consultant is able to undertake all duties in a satisfactory manner.
  11. The Consultant must only log on from an Australian landline telephone and must answer all calls provided to the Consultant during the period for which the Consultant has indicated their availability. Failure to answer
    calls will result in the Service immediately ceasing to offer its customers to the Consultant for readings.
  12. This contract may be terminated by either party giving not less than seven days’ notice in writing to the
    registered address of the Service or Consultant as appropriate.
  13. This contract may be terminated either without notice, or with notice not exceeding 7 days, by either party in the case of a breach of the terms of the Contract, such timing to be at the discretion of the party terminating the Contract.

I agree to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement, and agree to bound by all terms.

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