The Counterfeit Twin Flame

The Counterfeit Twin Flame

So you think you have met the most amazing person in the world the type that only happens in those Hollywood romance movies, and you’re totally smitten by them.  You are 100% positive that he/she is your Twin Flame because everything is magical and synchronistic. 

You feel like you have never experienced loved like this.  The relationship progresses so fast and you get wrapped up in the whole thing, feeling so in love, you’re jumping for joy and it truly feels like they must be the one, your one true Twin Flame.

At some point, they are no longer in the picture.  However, you feel something is keeping you two apart.  Was it crazy cosmic fate?   Do you still have a chance, will they come back?  Perhaps this could be a test from the Universe.  Like, they really could be your Twin and this is just some obstacle to overcome.

One thing that many people don’t realise is that a Twin Flame is simply a representation or reflection of ourselves, of our own self-love.  So, with saying that maybe you could heal or fix something within yourself so they will come running back.  Right?

So you ask, “Are they my Twin Flame, or just my Twin Flame Counterfeit?”

I hope this helps you.  I personally know the journey is not an easy one, and I have been there before.  The Twin Flame Counterfeit is a type of karmic soulmate who comes into our lives to wake us up and to prepare the way for your own Twin Flame Awakening.

Here are 10 signs that you may be in a counterfeit Twin Flame connection.

  1. You are constantly mulling over in your mind, “Are they my Twin Flame?” – that’s a sure sign that you’re not ready yet for Twin Flame Love.  Work on clearing your self-doubt in the 3rd Chakra.
  2. Constantly turning to psychics and energy healers to find out if they want you back or being hopeful they want you back if they have gone away.
  3. Very likely they have another person or multiple people and have a real problem in committing to one person, and as such hasn’t invested in the relationship fully.
  4. Emotionally unavailable on their part and your being over emotionally available.
  5. Feeling insecure or unsafe around your partner buy proceeding anyway
  6. Jumping in quickly into the relationship without feeling safe within yourself, your sacred sexuality, your finances, your own power.
  7. Jumping into the relationship to avoid taking action and power over your own life.
  8. Using the relationship as a distraction that focuses your attention away from your career, spiritual mission, and being of service.
  9. You feel like your whole world would be turned upside-down if they decide to leave you and don’t come back.
  10. You don’t fully love yourself unless they love you back (conditional self-love vs unconditional self-love).

If reading the above was intense, take a deep breath, it’s all good!

It’s better to face the energy within yourself first, work on it, heal it, and step into Twin Flame Love from self-love.

Do this sooner rather than later and I promise you won’t regret it.  The longer you wait to prolong the self-healing the harder it gets to attract and keep the true Twin Flame into your life.

Many blessings beloved, love and compassion on your journey!