The Four Faces of Clairvoyance

The Four Faces of Clairvoyance

Do you realise you can be clairvoyant in different ways?  Try this little exercise to discover your intuitive style…

Take a few minutes to let yourself relax; sit comfortably, roll your shoulders, and take some nice slow deep breaths.  Without thinking about it too much, write a few lines about a person, pet, activity, place; anything at all, that you really love.  Write whatever comes into your head!  When you’ve finished, examine what you’ve written.

Read the following four categories to identify what comes through most strongly in what you have written.


Clairvoyance, literally ‘clear seeing’, relates specifically to the visual capacity.  A strongly clairvoyant person will dream a lot, speak in a visual language – using lots of images and detailed descriptions of things e.g. ‘My dog has the softest fur and the biggest brown eyes’.

What being clairvoyant means for you…

You probably have quite wild dreams, bizarre experiences, perhaps even UFO sightings or ghosts visiting you – any number of paranormal experiences!  Clairvoyant experiences can be quite frightening if you’re not used to them.  You have to be careful not to become a bit of a drama queen about them.  This can turn a simple intuition into a full-scale epic of biblical proportions!  Your clairvoyance is very connected to your creativity – as you develop one, you will set the other free.  Learn to enjoy your gift and not turn it into a curse.  The key is to share with others your trust, and develop your ability to visualise through conscious visualisation and meditation, so you begin to become familiar with the territory.


Clairsentience means clear sensing.  This relates to the body and gut feelings’, sensations, and knowingness about things, describing things as they are without using symbols or images, e.g. I feel a strong connection with my dog.  I know he understands me and I feel relaxed around him’.

What being clairsentient means for you…

People who are clairsentient have strong gut feelings about others, and often will have a knowing about what is likely to happen in the future.  The challenge for you is not to jump to conclusions, but to stay calm until you get a clear sense of what you are feeling.  If you become anxious or angry, you are likely to race ahead with the first thought that comes to you, and end up feeling that you were wrong.  Relaxation practice is very helpful and important for you!  The more relaxed you are, the more accurate your gut feelings’ will be.


Clairaudience means clear hearing.  This relates to messages, spoken or received.  You don’t necessarily have to hear an actual voice; it may just be words that pop into your head, or specific sentences, words or references to sounds, e.g. My dog barely even barks, but he lets me know when he wants to be fed’.

What being clairaudient means for you…

We see more dramatic images of clairaudience in the media than any other psychic art, for example, someone’s body being taken over by other beings and channeling through messages; people receiving uncanny messages from loved ones who have passed on.  These are valuable experiences, but they can make you lose your authority if you are not clear about who is in charge of the communication process.  You are a messenger in the Oneness – as you open yourself up to other people whose intention is loving, you can speak for them.  You do not need to abandon your body or you will and become a puppet!  At times, people appear to have abandoned their own will or body deliberately, in an attempt to appear authentic.  When you are sincerely channeling or being a medium, it is a shared message coming from you and the person you are connecting with.  Your mind, thoughts, and feelings are involved – you are not merely a vessel.  I tis a collaboration between you and the other person, and you are helping them to say what they need to say.  If you see it in this way, you can try as best you can to convey the feeling and the message the other being is sharing with you, because you are giving them a great service.


The fourth form of clairvoyance is empathy – a knowingness about how another person is feeling.  This means being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and describe how they feel e.g. ‘My dog is so happy because he feels that love and attention is all he needs in life’.

What being an empath means for you…

Often empaths have tremendous healing ability.  Being an empath means breaking down the false walls that separate us from one another.  When you are empathetic, you are able to step into someone else’s world and experience the energies that are going on there. However, because it is not your story, or your issue, you can empower the other person to take a position of strength.  The key here is that you are not simply telling someone who is right and what to do.  You are actually understanding things from their perspective and being the best friend, the loving counsellor’ that they need.  Of course, for you this can be draining.  Often empaths go to great lengths to close off’ or create protection around themselves.  But there’s no need for this.  This is like a doctor not treating people because he is fearful that he will get the same disease or injury!  You are the strong one; you are the one who is grounded on your path.  There may be times when people stir things up in you because there is something in you that needs resolution or healing.  In that particular circumstance, it is positive, because you have a change to recognise that and get support to heal.  If you don’t recognise where the pain or issue is within yourself, but you perceive it is because of the other person, then you will not give yourself the support and care you need.  This is the danger.  Look after yourself and look after others and you’ll handle this situation much more positively.