Twin Flame Syndrome

The Twin Flame Syndrome

Twin Flame Syndrome, Psychic Phone Readings Australia, Australian Psychic Phone ReadingsThe fear of losing your “twin flame” can cause many to endure needless pain and suffering in pursuit or to stay with someone that’s all wrong for them.  Meanwhile, happiness could be waiting just around the corner.

In my 20 plus years of being a Psychic Clairvoyant, I have witnessed the emergence of a destructive concept I call “Twin Flame Syndrome”.  An example of this is a 50 year old woman I will call Mary – who came to see me for advice about her relationship that has been running hot and cold for nearly six years.

I pulled my trusty Tarot cards out and laid out a spread, immediately I saw she was in an abusive toxic connection.  And that she was fearful of loss that she had become totally dependent on him that she allowed what I can only describe as cruelty, imagine being in a relationship where the person you love treats you like the front door mat!  As I started to explain what I was seeing and getting from my guides she started to weep and nodded in agreement, as we progress along the reading the cards weren’t getting any better we were going deeper and deeper into an abusive toxic relationship, she couldn’t deny and word I spoke she got more and more upset.

Nonetheless, when I said that her partner would never make her happy, and that the connection would continue to destroy by taking away her own self worth, I strongly recommend she should consider moving on, because things were never going to get better.  She glared at me as if I was a mad man and said “You’re wrong, He is my Twin Flame.”

And there it was – Twin Flame Syndrome.  Despite the fact that her partner was emotionally and physically abusive and manipulative, she had resigned herself to endure whatever heartache or humiliation may be required to maintain the connection, I felt very sad at that point for this poor girl, she was not living a beautiful life, it was just an existence that would have no happy ending.  But in her mind he was her “Twin Flame”.  Twin Flame is a rather new term which started in the 2000’s and since then it has grown into this must have connection.  Unfortunately, very few Twin Flame relationships exist, and if they do they are not meant to be abusive.

The Truth about Twin Flames:

  • Twin Flames do exist.  However, they are not limited just to romantic relationships.  They can be friends, siblings, parents, etc.  Anyone that is placed in your life to help you learn and grow, and yes lovers and spouses can be Twin Flames, but not always.
  • “Twin Flame” is not a seal of approval or a guarantee of enteral marital bliss.  It doesn’t even guarantee a short-term committed relationship.
  • Many people marry people who are not their “Twin Flame” and have a happy and loving relationship.
  • A Twin Flame can be a challenger.  This type of connection is often introduced into our lives to vex us, to push us to our limits.  They forge character, bring out our strengths, and abilities, and push us out of our comfort zone so we can learn and grow.

The most important thing you should always remember is that a relationship is based on mutual respect and caring, this is what is necessary to help us grow as balanced and grounded individuals.  As we all have free will, we need to learn that there is a time when we should walk away, especially if the relationship is one sided, has no return or bad emotional investment.

It took Mary another year before she finally took my advice and moved on.  She is now in a loving relationship with a man that treats her like a princess he totally adores her, she has built a new life with a person who she can share a future of happiness.  However, she first had to overcome the Twin Flame syndrome.