User Guide

Control Panel – User Guide


The Control Panel

To allow you to be autonomous we have invested in created a self-service control panel which allows you to update most information yourself, along with logging on and off of the Telephone Chat Server.

Navigate to the Top toolbar on the right hand side you will see these options.  Click on Control Centre.



Basic Information

When the Control Panel opens the top area titled ‘Basic Information‘ contains both editable and non editable items.

  • ABN Number (Read Only) – Please submit a change request form to have this update.
  • Pin Number (Read Only) – This is the Pin number that you can share with people you speak to it is what connects you to the phone system.  Think of the Pin number as a virtual extension.
  • Pass Code (Read Only) – This is required when using any Reader functions using the telephone.  For SIP Connection users you can access the system by dialing 0731840990 and then use the following codes to  either record their greeting message by entering *95 or login/logoff by entering *96.
  • Online Username (Read Only) – This is the name you want to be known as on the service.  It is ok to use an Alias name instead of your real name if you want confidentiality.
  • Logged On – This switch when the dial is to the right means you are online and able to receive calls, when you want to stop calls from coming you just flick the switch to the left to indicate off and the system will not attempt to contact you with a call in this position.  If you are on a SIP Connection dialing 7777 will enable you to logon using your telephone keypad, to login using your telephone keypad please dial any local number and at the main menu press *96# you will be asked for your Pin Number and Passcode.  Press 1 to Login, Press 2 to Logout.
  • Provisioned (Read Only)– This means that you account is live and fully operational.
  • Available (Read Only) – When you log on the status will change to Available, when you are on a call the system will automatically update the status to Busy and when you log off it will update to Unavailable.


Personal Details

WIthin this section you can maintain your personal details.

  • Given Names – Your real name customers will never obtain this information from Soul 2 Path Psychics.
  • Surname – Legal surname
  • Business Name – This is optional if you don’t have a registered business name with ASIC please leave this field blank.
  • Email Address – Please use the email that is best for us to communicate with you.
  • Telephone Number (Read Only) – To change this number you need to raise a change request remember that we will only connect to landline phones with an Australian Telephone number.
  • Mobile Number – We will only use this number in a case of emergency.
  • Address Line 1 – Enter your address in this field
  • Address Line 2 – This is an optional field if your address is over two lines.
  • Suburb – Enter your suburb attached to your address
  • State – Enter your state attached to your address
  • Postcode – Enter your postcode attached to your address


Financial Details

Here you can manage the BSB and Account Number for funds to be credited into your account.

  • BSB No – This is a six digit bank identifier code some banks start with a 0xx-xxx or 0xxxxx.
  • Account Number – In Australia there is a limit to bank account digits every bank account must be no longer than nine (9) digits.
  • Account Name – This is the name the account is in.  With electronic banking not all banks match the name to the bsb and account number so be sure when making changes here you enter the correct information.


Profile Details

This section is used in profiles displayed to visitors of the website.

  • Profile Description (Read Only) This information can be updated by completing a Profile Maintenance form.
  • Uploaded Picture(Read Only)  You upload your profile picture by completing the Upload Profile Picture form.
  • Modalities switches – Switch each of the gifts you use this will also be displayed in your profile.


Update / Cancel Buttons

For any changes to take effect you must press the Update button.  If you don’t wish to make changes press cancel.