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Ext. 5167
I have read for people across the globe in Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, and many other countries. I have a long history reading for people in Australia and Internationally. I come from a long line… read more
PIN 5167
from $34
Ext. 7132
My name is Hermione, I am a Psychic, Medium and Empath, and have been doing readings for over 40 years. My gifts that spirit has bestowed upon me are to be able to see the future and to show that… read more
PIN 7132
from $34
Ext. 8239
My psychic gifts have been with me my entire life. Even as a child, I received messages from angels and departed souls. I have used my gifts in professional settings for over 25 years. I have studied Tarot cards and… read more
PIN 8239
from $34
Ext. 9458
Hi there, I’m Alannah I’ve had psychic abilities since I was a child and an inner knowing, connection and sense of spirits all around us and the ability to receive messages in many forms. I have a close connection with… read more
PIN 9458
from $34
Ext. 9512
Steve is a skilled master psychic clairvoyant with over 25 years of experience. I utilise my abilities as an empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient towards giving extreme details and description. I possesses a strong gift of insight, seeing and hearing thoughts, intentions,… read more
PIN 9512
from $34
Ext. 8699
I am a psychic a powerful clairvoyant, clairsentience and claircognizance. I have many years experience doing tarot and numerology readings. I have worked with spiritual masters in Sedona Arizona. read more
PIN 8699
from $34
Ext. 5313
Namaste. My name is PAMATHRA.Some of you will know me from my seven years with Guiding Light Psychics, which closed in February 2020. I welcome former clients and look forward to hearing from you, and from new callers. I am… read more
PIN 5313
from $34
Ext. 2615
I am here to assist you find clarity and to obtain direction in any area of your life. I have had a psychic gift since I was a young child and I am extremely intuitive. I draw upon my guides,… read more
PIN 2615
from $34
Ext. 3601
Hi my name is Sandy, and I came to Soul 2 Path Psychics at the urging of my angels and guides to be able to share my intuitive abilities with more people. I knew I was different and always felt… read more
PIN 3601
from $34
Ext. 1029
Hi, my name is Journei Maree, I am a Medium-Empath and I come from a long line of gifted Scottish-Irish psychic mediums. The ability to see runs through generations of my family. I was born with the ability to hear… read more
PIN 1029
from $34
Ext. 7078
Suzanne is a talented psychic with many years of experience behind her. Her psychic specialities include mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, tarot card reading and spiritual healing. Call Suzanne today for an enlightened and compassionate reading that will make you feel… read more
PIN 7078
from $34
Ext. 9542
Ashley has read for people all over the world and is a passionate psychic, intuitive and spiritual healer. Being initiated in the ways of the ancient Egyptian Divinities, she will tune in and uncover the the answers you are seeking.… read more
PIN 9542
from $34
Ext. 8582
Hi my name is Tahni, I’ve been readings for 25  years with great success and my feedback has always been positive. I love the Tarot and Astrology. My readings are delivered through my strong empathetic psychic intuitive senses. I give… read more
PIN 8582
from $34

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praise from our customers
Praise for Psychic Florrie
Great insight. Got a lot of questions answered. Warm and friendly manner. Totally recommend.

read more
Praise for Olivia border=
I had a reading with Olivia last week. She has a beautiful connection to divine wisdom and was able to offer words of guidance, which has enabled me to shift through some blockages that I've been facing.

read more

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