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Daily Horoscopes – Cancer

Daily Horoscope

Sunday, 14 August, 2022

Your mind is in the clouds, which makes it difficult to concentrate on anything that is too complex or has a lot of variables. Leave the decision-making for the people who can focus on the details while you pencil in some time for daydreaming. There`s absolutely nothing wrong with t aking a little break from time to time, especially since you`ve worked so hard in the past. If your friends, coworkers or family members refuse to pick up some of the slack, it might be time to remind them how many times you`ve done the same for them.

Monday, 15 August, 2022

Your eagerness to move on to the next task has you moving too fast and if you don`t slow down, you`re sure to make a mistake. You have deadlines to meet just like everyone else, but sometimes it`s more important for you to take your time and get it right than to hurry simply to turn something in on time. It`s probably a good idea to check with an authority figure rather than adjusting the schedule on your own, but once you explain your predicament, they`re likely to give you the extra time that you need in order to do a more thorough job.

Monday, 8 August, 2022 to Sunday, 14 August, 2022

One more week of work, health and drudgery, Cancer and then the fresh air of excitement and possibilities will enter. So, tackle duties faithfully now, get them done. Clear your desk. A former flame, ex spouse, relocation possibility, business or public-related opportunity could return soon. As long as this person, situation or opportunity lives up to your sceptical examination, you might reprise it, and dance off to a success. But realize that if you feel glum about the situation, you should reject it. Romantic notions arrive during the weekend, but wait, think.


Jupiter’s transit to the house of Pisces would be very beneficial for Cancer natives during the start of the year 2022. This year, you would be able to exceed your limitations and prove your mettle to the world outside. A good time for relocating if that had been on your mind for long. Then when Jupiter transits to the house of Aries around the middle of the year, you might meet with complicated situations and troubles abound everywhere for you. All your efforts and ambitions might be thwarted theses days and your self confidence would reach a new low. However around the last quarter of the year, Jupiter’s transit back to Pisces would bring good tidings back to your fold.

• Year 2022 would be a period of mixed fortunes for Cancer natives and their prospects rise and wane like the tides.
• Saturn and Jupiter together in your 7th house would better your career performance for the year.
• As the year starts your finances would be very terrible, however with time, particularly after the first quarter, things shall get better and inflow of funds would become steady.
• Cancer students would also find the year very conducive for their studies, especially those into technical studies stand to benefit a lot this year.
• Domestic welfare and happiness stand to get affected for the home-loving Cancers due to the aspect of Saturn on your 4th house of family welfare.
• Jupiter and Saturn together in your 7th house of marriage or love would bring about mixed fortunes in your love life or marriage.
• As your 6th Lord Jupiter is associated with Saturn, your health would not be that good during year 2022.

2022 Love Horoscope for Cancer

Cancer natives would have a calm and peaceful married life or love life for the year ahead. Warm feelings and romance abound for you. Through the year, you would be able to make some long term plans with your partner of love. He or she would be quite reassuring and would be a great source of support for you in times of low. The first quarter of the year would bring about good prospects in life for you. As the year progresses, there would be better understanding between you and your partner.

However the second quarter of the year might bring about some hassles in your love. You would feel a sense of insecurity and mental worries and anxieties might bother you. A time that would ask for better rapprochement with partner. Overall the year would give mixed reactions in the love field.

• Saturn and Jupiter would affect your love life together this year.
• Some Cancer folks might feel a great rift with spouse or partner due to spiritual pursuits of partner.
• When the luminary Sun transits your 7th house as the year starts that there would be major changes in your love and marriage areas.
• Around mid-year when Mars, the fiery planet transits your sign, there might be some heated arguments with partner and temporary separation is likely in the case of some Caner people.
• Your partner would be a great source of luck and fortune this year though, bringing in good financial inflow.

2022 Career Horoscope for Cancer

Year 2022 would be quite an average year from a professional perspective for Cancer natives. As the year starts, you might meet wit hindrances of sorts for your career pursuits. The middle of the year also indicates chances of some hiccups in your professional endeavours. All your efforts might get hampered, however hard work and commitment on your part and the grace of God would see you through tough times in this area. Saturn placed in your 7th house of Capricorn would help you to reach your desires in profession through hard work and commitment. But then there might be stiff competition from peers and troubles from authorities occasionally. Those in services would fare better these days, then those into own businesses.

The year also holds opportunities for improving your skills by way taking up some research studies. Total commitment would give you success. If you are a Cancer looking out for a job, then the end of the year holds promises towards the same.

• As the year 2022 starts, Mars would be placed in your 10th house of Aries. This promises good scope for promotions and pay-hikes for Cancer folks.
• Add to this the position of Saturn in your 7th house that supports your professional pursuits this year.
• Cancer natives are advised to be extra cautious with regard to career around mid-year.
• Through the year, you might encounter periods of incompatibility with higher-ups and colleagues.
• Around the second quarter of the year, some natives are likely to travel overseas with regard to career.
• Business ventures of natives would perform all this year, due to the placement of Jupiter and Saturn together in your 7th house of Capricorn.
• Do not expect a windfall in your career this period, only hard work and commitment would pay you enough funds to sail through.

2022 Finance Horoscope for Cancer

Cancer natives would be bestowed with mixed finances through the year 2022. Your finances would be just average, mostly a hand to mouth existence for many Cancer folks. Rahu or the Moon’s North node placed in the 11th house of gains however predicts occasional bouts of gains owing to luck and fortune for the natives. Use this sudden spurt of funds to clear your long-term debts and loans.

The second half of the year would grow your finances quite considerably. The transit of Jupiter, the planet of wealth and expansion would be just great for your financial enhancement this year. However there might be expenditure of sorts as well owing to auspicious events at home and some long term investment plans, use your resources wisely for now. Not a time to splurge or indulge.

• This would be a fairly good year for the finances of Cancer people.
• Natives are asked to cut down their expenses to a bare minimum during the first half of the year, as trouble lurks around.
• Mid-year predicts good tidings with your finances, Cancer.
• Beware of medical expenditure owing to you and your family members this year, prevention would be a lot better if you can.
• Do not over-spend for family, particularly for partner this year.

2022 Family Horoscope for Cancer

The year 2022 would bring new relationships into your household by way of marriage or childbirth. Your home life is in for a major revamp or revival through the year. The middle of the year however might pose some problems with familial ties, take courage, speak out your mind and clear off any air surrounding your relationship with family members.

• As the year starts, the atmosphere around would be quite average in your home. Peace and harmony would prevail as Jupiter and Saturn together aspect your 4th house of domestic welfare.
• As the year progresses, there would be some worries and anxieties with regard to elders and children in the family.
• Through the year, you would get the full cooperation of your siblings though.
• Your social life would also expand with new connections coming into your fold.
• However you would not get the full support of family for your personal issues this year.
• Though your family life would be dissatisfied, you are advised to remain calm and composed to maintain the dignity of the family at large.
• For some, temporary separation or dislocation from family likely owing to job changes.
• Mars, the fiery planet aspecting your 4th house through the year might bring about occasional rifts with family members.
• Do not let family take over-advantage of you, do not yield to all the whims and fancies around.

2022 Education Horoscope for Cancer

It would be a mixed year of opportunities for Cancer students this year. The first quarter of the year in particular would be very favourable for your educational pursuits. Great inroads can be made around this time. You would be lucky enough to get success in all the exams or tests you take this period.

But then Ketu or the Moon’s South node posited in your 5th house of Scorpio, being a secretive house would bring about many secret companions and bad habits in your life that might distract you from studies. Good support from family and social works would bring you back to the regular fold. Around the third quarter of the year, some Cancer students would be able to get admission into reputed institutions across the globe.

2022 Health Horoscope for Cancer

The first quarter of the year 2022 would be very lethargic for you, there would be a lack of enthusiasm and energy in your life. It would be very difficult for you to get moving. Stress and strain might take a huge toll on your general health and well being this year. Do not vent up your feelings, instead let them out. If you are not comfortable with a relationship, then let go off and keep moving, mental health would affect your physical health all this year quite dramatically. Follow good food habits and stay hydrated all times. Not a time to indulge in food as well.

• This year, Jupiter aspecting your 8th house would affect your general health. Seasonal allergies might trouble you.
• As the year progresses, general health and wellbeing assured thanks to proper preventive measures and spiritual inclinations.
• Beware of your health all this year as Saturn is lord of your 7th and 8th houses and might play spoilsport with you at times.
• New diseases, particularly chronic issues might be on the cards for some Cancer folks, be cautious.
• The middle of the year might bring about some painful moments with respect to health and well being, be prepared to handle the same.
• Health might meddle with your professional endeavours too this year, make sure that you have some back up plans in hand.
• Cancers are in particular advised not to over-indulge in food and to avoid spicy food and resort to good food habits this year.
• Do not overlook any small health issues, timely intervention would help, else they might flare up on a later date.

2022 Travel Horoscope for Cancer

This would be quite an average year for the travel prospects of Cancer people. Saturn is placed in your 7th house and would favour some long distant travels owing to career. Jupiter, the planet of expansion in your 12th house too would be in favour of overseas travels for you. During the second half of the year, some Cancer folks would take some pilgrimage related travels. Travel for fun and pleasure are also on the cards for the deserving Cancer people this year.

2022 Advise for Cancer

This year calls you to be the change rather than you looking for change around. Be bold, stick to your stand and defend your ideas and ideals. Be confident of your ambitions and do mind, that you are going places this year, Cancer.

About Cancer

cancerzCancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is represented by the crab. Cancer is ruled by the moon which makes Cancerians moody like the various phases of the moon. Like the moon responds to the cyclic and rhythmic rise and fall of tides, Cancerians respond to life’s ebb and flow. The element for this sign is water.

This astrology symbol’s biggest strength is the ability to nurture others. They are very compassionate and caring which endears them to their family and friends. They are fiercely loyal. They can appear hard on the outside but this harsh exterior holds a soft and sensitive core that makes them special. Cancerians can be rather clannish towards their family or group.

Cancerians are the most psychic of the signs. They show a remarkable psychic sensitivity, memories and receptivity to emotional impressions. They can vividly recollect their dreams and often tend to develop an interest in the occult which they move towards naturally.

Cancerians have a flair for coming up with innovative solutions to problems. Their talent for lateral thinking can make them great marketers. They also have artistic talents and a wonderful imagination. They do not take decisions quickly and tend to vacillate between various courses of action before they finally decide on one based on their own logic. Their approach towards unpleasant issues is to avoid them rather than direct confrontations.


Cancerians are the most compatible with Pisces and Taurus. In love, they are committed and seek warmth and intimacy. They tend to look for a slow, smouldering relationship. They are devoted to their partners and are protective of them. Deeply emotional and sentimental, they can be quite romantic. They are ideal family people who love the home and hearth dearly. They can never have enough of love showered on them and constantly crave for more.

Negative Characteristics

One of the prominent negative traits of Cancerians is jealousy. They are highly insecure beings whose major attitude to life is seeking security in the home and in relationships. People of this zodiac can be lethargic to the point of acute laziness. They hate discipline in any form and generally tend to be chaotic and unorganized. They can appear to be a bundle of contradictions reserved and withdrawn one moment and the vibrant centre of attraction the next!

Lucky Colours

Sea Green

Lucky Numbers

3 • 7

Cancer Celebrities

Prince Williams • Tom Cruise • Sylvester Stallone • Lindsay Lohan • Jessica Simpson