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Daily Horoscopes – Libra

Daily Horoscope

Friday, 24 June, 2022

You could find that you have found a new friend today. This person could have a totally different personality than what you have always preferred, but go ahead and take a chance anyway. You will be rewarded in the end. It is best to fess up to the whole truth when the little white lies start coming out. Be careful of what you are saying, the truth always comes out in the end. Others will be supportive toward you if you are honest.

Saturday, 25 June, 2022

All of your efforts to grow more spiritually have improved your life. You might encounter a chance to enhance someone else`s life with your knowledge. You could take a bad situation and turn it around. If you choose the right time and setting, you can sweet talk your way into anything. Try not to over blow your budget; it will be hard to play catch up at this time. A relative may come to you for help. I know that it is hard to say that `no` word, but you are going to have to this time.

Monday, 20 June, 2022 to Sunday, 26 June, 2022

Hopes, flirtations, social joys and life's freshness buoy you this week and next. But you could face some difficult situations in love, travel or legalities. Be diplomatic, accommodating. For the week ahead, others even a loving, kind mate will tend to feel they possess you. Some will support you, some merely want to use you. Sidestep power junkies. Do not start any new projects, especially in red tape or administrative zones, before the weekend. And handle neglected tasks. Good fortune visits your business, status or career as the week edges on.

June 2022

Your month ahead, You start this month of June very busy, but you soon settle down to look after home, family and your soul. You want a stable love, but one that sparkles with ongoing desire. Well, don't seek it this month or the next. You'll do far better to remain with the love you already know. New ones could lead to emotional tragedy as the month progresses. That said, early month is strangely romantic or sensual, almost in a befuddling situation. Midmonth is openly romantic, a good time to arrange children's affairs, to create, beautify. Be self-protective all this month and you would reap the benefits by the month end.


Year 2022 would be a lucky period for Libra folks, thanks to Saturn in your 5th house of Aquarius. Your very existence would be shaken and would be replaced by newness of all sorts. You would be in for major surprises and shocks through this period. Changes and opportunities abound these days. However do not over-exert yourself, lay low and maintain low profile all this year. Be cautious of your moves and play a fair game. Quite a year of fullness is in store for Libra natives.

• Around the middle of the year, Mars would be transiting your 10th house of Cancer and hence there would be lot of gains owing to career.
• But then Saturn aspecting the 10th house would ask for hard work and commitment on your part for career betterment.
• Jupiter would bless you with relocation and promotions that has been your yearning for quite sometime now.
• The Moon’s north node Rahu in the 8th house might bring about unwanted expenses, so be cautious of your financial spending these days.
• Maternal gains in store for some Libra natives for the year ahead.
• Libra students would fare well in their studies for now.
• Saturn in your 4th house might impede family welfare and happiness occasionally.
• Your marital relationships are in for some stress and strain this year thanks to Mars.
• Your love prospects would be better this year when compared to the past few years.

2022 Love Horoscope for Libra

Through the year 2022, Venus would bring about goodness in your love and marriage. For the first quarter there might be some rifts and tensions in your love life. Then as the second quarter starts, things would seem better and unexpected love prospects are on the cards. Around mid-year you would be asked to make compromises in your relationships. Some of your relationships might get shaken through this year. This might upset your hopes and ambitions regarding your love life. De bold, but do not take impulsive decisions for now. Compromising with spouse and partner would do more good than harm in your relationships this period. All along the way, Saturn would be restricting your expression of love and warmth.

• It would be a year of mixed prospects for the love and marriage of Libra people.
• Mars posited in your 7th house as the year starts might pose some troubles in your relationship.
• Troubles with in-laws also likely around the second quarter of the year thanks to the combination of Rahu and Mars in your 8th house which is an evil house.
• But then mid-year would bring about good terms with spouse or partner for Libra natives.
• Those Libras into love affairs would get consent for marriage from family this year.
• The second half of the year promises bliss in love and conjugal felicity for the married Libras.
• As the year ends, Libras would be having a great time of fun and happiness with their partners.

2022 Health Horoscope for Libra

Libra guys would have occasional health issues this year. Stress and strain would take a huge toll on your general health and well being. Hence resort to some adventure sports or artistic pursuits to beat the blues. Strengthen your physical and mental health these days and do not let your guard down. As the year starts, Jupiter would be aspecting your Ascendant house and this indicates good health. There would be better immunity and a positive energy around. Later on the transit of Jupiter and the conjunction of Saturn and Rahu would affect your health. There would be respiratory troubles and weight issues for some Libra folks.

• Libra people are advised to take good care of their health this year.
• Though there would not be any major impacts on your life, minor issues might haunt you, hence be cautious.
• Rahu in your 8th house and Ketu placed in the 2nd house would surely affect your general health and well being.
• Libra natives are advised to stay away from over-eating and indulgences of sorts.
• Around the middle of the year, a major health concern would arise bringing in much medical expenses, be prepared to handle the same.

2022 Career Horoscope for Libra

Year 2022 would be quite an average year for the career prospects of Libra natives. As the year starts you stand to gain a lot through profession. However as the first quarter of the year ends, there might be some troubles. Then it would be a roller coaster for you till the end of the year. This is because Jupiter would be transiting your 6th house which is an evil one. This is not a time to start a new venture or sign for a new service.

Some Libra people would see a clash of their personal and professional lives. Partnership deals would work out well for those into business. Jupiter and Saturn would be affecting your career performance and slow you down. Those who are searching for a job would see some light around the end of the year. If you are aspiring to hone your skills, then use the last quarter of the year for the same.

• Your career performance would be quite good this year.
• Around the middle of the year, Mars transiting your 10th house of Cancer would prove to be very favourable for your career.
• However there might be some incompatibility with authorities in work place, hence be cautious.
• Saturn would ask you to put in more hard work and commitment than usual to prove your mettle in career.
• Change of career likely for some Libra folks who are aspiring for the same for quite sometime now.
• Your business pursuits would be greatly favoured all this year with better gains.
• Partnership deals are best to be avoided these days as trouble lurks around.
• Travels owing to career would keep you busy and engaged during the later part of the year.
• Relocation on the cards around mid-year and this would be accompanied by promotions and pay hikes as well.

2022 Finance Horoscope for Libra

As the year starts your finances would be very good. There would be good inflow of funds as your 11th house of Leo would be aspected by Jupiter or Guru. However for the second half of the year, your finances would be quite restricted. Unwanted expenditure come in and make dent in your finances. Find ways and means to curtail your expenses for the time and live a frugal life. Do not go in for high value investments as well for this year, as you might end up in great losses. Rahu and Ketu might bring about medical expenditure that is unwarranted for the period. Not a time for lending money as well, as there would be no way, you would get it back.

• The start of 2022 would be good as fas as your general finances are concerned, Libra.
• Particularly the middle of the year offers good financial prospects.
• The latter half of the year might bring in unwanted expenditure of sorts for the natives.
• Social and charity works would ask for some financial spending on your part, go on.
• Rahu posited in the 8th house which is an evil house might bring about heavy expenditure.
• You stand to gain some finances and property through maternal connections through this year.

2022 Education Horoscope for Libra

Libra students would find the year ahead very favourable for their educational studies. The second and third quarter would be quite conducive for your academic aspirations. You would be able to perform well and get the desired results in studies. Natives interested in pursuing higher studies would find this period very favourable. You ought to work hard and put in more effort to succeed in competitive tests and exams though. The latter half of the year favors overseas study opportunities as well. This year would be one of the best periods of your student life. Laurels and accolades come for you without much asking.

2022 Family Horoscope for Libra

The domestic life of Libra people would be of mixed fortune for the year ahead. There would be a war between your personal and professional preferences these days. Conjugal felicity assured for the married ones. And children would bring happiness and joy to the family as Jupiter transits your 5th house of Aquarius. But then during the latter half of the year, there might be some family discords. Difference of opinions arise. Patience and a lowly demeanour would help you to stem the tide of the family issues that arise now and then.

• Saturn transiting your 4th house of Capricorn which rules over domestic affairs for the year would interfere with your family affairs and bring discords.
• Temporary separation from family owing to career changes also on the cards for some Libra folks.
• Health of parents and siblings would take a beating, hence be cautious.
• As the second quarter of the year starts there would be goodness and happiness at home.
• Law suits related to hereditary property arise during the second half of the year, but you stand to gain.
• Some lucky folks would be able to buy their dream house or landed property this year.

2022 Travel Horoscope for Libra

This would be quite a favourable time for Libra guys to plan their travels. As Jupiter aspects your 9th house some long distant travels are on the offing. Travel owing to pilgrimage or visit to ancestral places are also likely for some of you. Rahu transiting your 7th house would bring career related travel these days. These would come unexpected but would bring gains and happiness. Overseas travel for fun and pleasure would come during the second half of the year for some Libras. Libra students might need to travel a lot too this year on account of their academic pursuits.

2022 Advice for Libra

The year abounds with opportunities for Libra people, that they should not take it for granted. Do not be complacent. If you are moderate and considerate with the environment around then there would be success in your life.

About Libra

librazLibra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and symbolized by the Scales. What’s interesting is that it’s the only symbol in the zodiac that is inanimate. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and has an air element.

Librans are generally good looking with attractive features. Blessed with a clear complexion, fine hair and teeth, they have a magnetic appeal. They are easygoing, charming and enjoy being popular. They innately possess a sense of fine taste. They love collecting things and most build up huge collections over their lifespan. They are particular about keeping their homes tidy and surround themselves with beautiful things.

People of this Zodiac are known for their strong sense of justice and fair play. They can be called upon to pronounce impartial judgment in a situation. BY nature, they are peace loving and strive to keep the atmosphere around them that way. They have a great sense of humor and a lot of tact.

Librans can be very diplomatic and take to politics and allied careers like fish to water! They can also make good lawyers and administrators. However, their professional work and productivity can be affected by their moods. Librans also display a natural inclination towards art and have abundant creativity. This will helps them fare well in artistic careers especially music.


They are most compatible with Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. Librans in love make adorable and pleasing partners. They are capable of empathizing with their partner’s feelings. Even after a tiff, they tend to be kind to their partners and thus heal any rift. They are very romantic and tolerant of their partner’s failings.

Librans generally possess good health. Libra rules the lumbar region, lower back and kidneys. They must stay wary of weaknesses that could develop in the back and lumbago, besides kidney and bladder problems.

Negative Characteristics

Those born under this astrology symbol have a tendency to veer towards vices like laziness and greediness and must guard against them. They have a tough time arriving at any decision and this can go against them in life. Their inability to take a stand on any issue may put them at loggerheads with others. They can be big flirts and are quite narcissistic. They can be spendthrifts. They have a tendency to degenerate into gamblers if this tendency goes unchecked.

Lucky Colours

Pastel Green • Light Blue • Pink

Lucky Numbers

6 • 9

Libra Celebrities

Oscar Wilde • Kate Winslet • Jean Claude Van Damme

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