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2021 Predictions the Year Ahead

2021 Predictions of the Year Ahead

2021 Predictions the Year Ahead – I would like to share with you some insights of was spirit has shown me for 2021:

Medical Advances

2021 will be the year when major breakthroughs in oncology will occur, in this year most modern cancers people get will have a lower mortality rate due to advancement in medicines and therapies.  This goes hand in hand with the fact that the last Saturn/Jupiter conjunction was in the sign of Aquarius, also known as the Professor of the Zodiac.

Technology will advance

When you thought technology couldn’t advance any further, I see that in 2021 especially around the environment researchers, governments will back new technology to combat climate change this will put a stop to the deterioration of the planet, and start the healing process.

Death in the Royal Family

I saw in 2021 the Queens husband will take ill and not recover, the death will be fast and the world will be in mourning.  The queen herself will pass not long after the Princes death but I didn’t feel it would be in 2021.

UPDATE: On Friday 9th April 2021 Prince Philip passed away at the Age of 99, 2 months short of his 100th Birthday.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is deep in the swamp,  but the good news is that in 2021 he will become less relevant as he focuses on keeping himself out of jail. I did see Melania making a break for freedom away form a man who has become so unhinged that no one can stand to be near him.

UPDATE: On the 6th January 2021 Donald Trump incited actions of a domestic terrorist group known as MAGA to storm the capitol building to overthrow the democratic process of counting and certifying the electoral college votes.  Donald has become so unhinged as predicted back on the 24th December 2020 that he is still peddling lies about the election which over 60 court cases found no widespread fraud, it should be noted that fraud that has been found was small and was in favour of Donald Trump not Joe Biden.


In 2021 the People in the UK finally realise that the government had lied to them about leaving the EU, the UK is thrown into a state of disarray this will bring mass protests and violence on the streets of London.

UPDATE: As of today British people are finally revolting against Brexit and how leaving the EU was not the best thing to do for the country.  We will continue to watch the advances as events progress.

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