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Once in a Lifetime – Jupiter & Saturn come together

‘Once in a Lifetime’ – Jupiter & Saturn come together

Once in a lifetime Events do happen.  At 10.33pm (AEDST) on the 21st December 2020  look to the sky and you will notice what appears to be a bright star in the sky, often this is called the Christmas star, but this year it is a very special one, it is the first time in more than 800 years that Jupiter and Saturn have been this close, along with it being in the sign of Aquarius.   This is known as the Great conjunction, this does occur every 20 years but never this close.  It is a time when the planet of structure and restriction, Saturn, meets the planet of growth, expansion and miracles, Jupiter.  This marks a social shift throughout the world and will see leading into 2021.  It’s really going to be a new day – a new era.

The Great Conjunction happens on the solstice – which in itself is a powerful time of year.  Solstice and Equinox points mark the change of seasons, but they’re also when the Sun enters a cardinal sign.  This means a time of action and taking steps forward to initiate change.

Added to this for the past two hundred years, Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions   have occurred in earth signs.  2020 marks the beginning of the next two hundred year cycle.  This time, Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin in an air signs and start a cycle that lasts until 2159.  This year, they pave the way for Pluto’s entry into Aquarius in 2023/2024.

When Jupiter and Saturn come together, there is a restructuring of our legal institutions, judicial systems, we will see new leadership rising into power.  We stand a the bridge between our history and what’s possible for the future.

Together, Jupiter and Saturn combine expansion and opportunity with the structure and discipline needed to make real and last changes in our collective beliefs, ideals, and philosophies.  Not to mention the societal structures that promote and uphold those ideals.  We can manifest  the future we envision as well as clear what no longer serves us.

So what does all this mean for the upcoming conjunction in December?

Saturn and Jupiter will come together in Aquarius, the humanitarian sign of connection, community, and organised groups.  It’s also the sign of technology, invention, and innovation.  How can you use your unique gifts to contribute to the whole?

With the Renaissance as an example, new technology arrived in Europe in all sectors that enabled people to have more leisure time to pursue knowledge and culture.  We saw breakthroughs in education, the arts, technology, science – in all aspects of life.  It was also the time of the Humanistic movement, that brought religion from being above the people to the people, and allowed for the rebirth of Western science, and laid the framework for the philosophy that would be used in the age of Enlightenment and beyond.

Hopefully, with this year’s Great Conjunction, we’ll realise ways to create more inclusive and just societal structure.

So, we could see innovations in technology.  We’ve already seen a massive jump in communication technology as a result of COVID-19.  We see themes that played out in the 90s was last in Aquarius.  At that time, we saw email becoming accessible and the internet becoming more widely available in our homes.  We saw the start of Prodigy, AOL, Microsoft MSN and CompuServe.  Chat rooms and online forums connected people from all over the globe.  Now, we see Zoom connecting businesses and individuals in our everyday lives.

This conjunction will also be forming a challenging square aspect with Uranus in Taurus that will be a big theme in 2021.  We’ll see more and more crumbling of old governmental, religious, economic, and corporate systems that we’ve outgrown.  We’ll also be more forward-thinking when it comes to climate, environmental concerns, and our communities.  As these planets enter into Aquarius, they encourage us to see ourselves as one humanity.  This is where we’re moving, but it will take some time to arrive at that destination.

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