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2020 A New Era Begins

2020 A New Era Begins

2020 A New Era BeginsWe all have heard people talking about a new ‘era’ or ‘age’, even sometimes being guilty of saying it ourselves.

A lot of this talk is often over-hyped nonsense.  However, astrologically we are indeed heading into a new era.  We have been receiving glimpses of this change since around 1980 when it started, but then abruptly ended temporarily in 2000.  Are you confused?  Just hang in there and let me explain.

Every 20 years or so, the planets Saturn and Jupiter appear close to each other in the sky.  This phenomena is called a ‘conjunction’ or ‘coming together’.  This signifies an ending of a 20 years cycle, as with all endings there is always a new beginning.  This has been recognised for centuries by Astrologers.  For instance, noted English Astrologer, William Lilly (1602 – 1681), he even wrote a book (called England’s Prophetical Merline Foretelling to All Nations of Europe Until 1663 the Influence of the Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter) about a conjunction in the 1640s.

Every 20 years this cycle repeats even though its interesting it’s not really a big deal, from an astrological viewpoint.

The most interesting aspect of this phenomenon is that for many years, conjunctions recur in signs of the same element (eg. Earth, Water, Air or Fire).  Astrologers find this very significant, as this repetition by element marked out the duration of an ‘era’ or ‘age.’  So when the conjunctions eventually switch to occur in a new element, it is called a ‘mutation,’ and marks the beginning of a new era or age.

We experienced a brief glimpse of this mutation in 1980, which marked the start of the new era, then in 2000 the conjunction occurred back in an Earth sign.  So until 2020, we’re still under the influence of Earth sign conjunctions.   However, that 2000 conjunction was the last Earth sign conjunction for a very long time.  From 2020, conjunctions will be in Air signs the first will occur on the 21st December 2020 in the Sign of Aquarius, this will last until 2159.

The following chart outlines conjunctions for the next 200 years:

21-DEC-2020 06:19 PM Aquarius Aquarius
31-OCT-2040 11:44 AM Libra Libra
07-ARP-2060 10:29 PM Gemini Gemini
15-MAR-2080 01:28 AM Aquarius Aquarius
18-SEP-2100 10:33 PM Libra Libra
15-JUL-2119 11:21 PM Gemini Gemini
14-JAN-2140 04:01 PM Aquarius Aquarius
21-DEC-2159 03:04 AM Scorpio Scorpio

Let’s now try and explain this in plain english, to make more sense of all this.  Since 1802, ALL the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions until 1980 had occurred in Earth sings (either Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn).  But as mentioned above, in 1980 it shifted.  That year, the conjunction in an Air sign, Libra.  In 2000, we had the final ‘last-gasp’ conjunction in an Earth sign.

But what does this all mean to you, and what’s happening in the world today?

Well, for starters we are moving away form an era dominated by material ‘Earth’, thinks like oil, fossil fuels, heavy machinery, and more than likely capitalism, and big industry.  We got a taste of what’s ahead from the 1980-2000 period.  During that time, we saw the boom of the information revolutions: personal computers, the internet, Google.  And the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

The new era that is about to kick into high gear from this year, will see colossal growth in ideas and information (Air qualities) and less tangible, less ‘Earthy’ things.  We have seen the increase already in technology with Self-driving cars, solar and battery technologies, electric-power everything.  The old world steam, oil and cola have had their day for the next 200 years.

However, it will take time for governments around the world to fit into this new era, they will still consider existing technology as the most lucrative thing available, trying to desperately hang onto the old way of thinking.  Yet some countries have already taken the brave steps to move towards renewable energy sources look at Norway, Scotland, Germany etc, they are switching as fast as they can.

Governments of the world need to be worried because people will start using their intellect and talk against oppression and bad government decisions, people will more than likely vote people in not because of what party they affiliate themselves with but what the candidates core values are.

2020 and beyond will see the end of the ‘Fat Cats’, and big business screwing over the small people.  Revolution is at hand what an exciting time ahead for all to be had.  No longer are we to just accept things, we now have a voice let it be heard.


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