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Batten Down the Hatches – New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Solstice, Mars Conjunction Neptune

Batten Down the Hatches, what a weekend we are in for!

On the 21st June is Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, whilst in the Northern Hemisphere it is Summer Solstice.  Added to this we are in the middle of the ‘eclipse season‘ with the next scheduled solar eclipse to happen on the 21st June .  Globally, we have a pandemic, we have protests about human rights and racism, governments are being held accountable for their actions, and on a more personal level many people are discovering layers of their past being peeled off like an onion, it is all about transformation and you have two choices go with the flow, and deal with what comes at you, or resist and put yourself through turmoil and pain.  The choice is yours!

So astrologically what is instore this weekend, we have a New Moon, a Solar Eclipse (known as the ring of fire), five planets are in retrograde.  You may find yourself living in the past, especially where you have unresolved issues with past relationships, or things that are left unresolved within your current relationship.  So if you are visiting the past right now, you’re in the right flow for this energy.  The good news is that the Universal energy doesn’t want you trapped there, and is offering you a way to resolve these issues and move around from the self imposed limiting patterns and behaviours you have placed yourself in, it is time to embrace the New, empowered path ahead.

With Mars (energy, uprising, war), conjunction Neptune (breaking through all illusions) which is making an uncomfortable square to the Solar Eclipse, new revelations about the Story of Earth will be ignited.  Whilst this aspect may deeply inspire and uplift the actions you take in Earth’s evolution that is well under way, it also may bring confusion to many – as a sense of feeling lost in ‘too many stories, who do I believe, no longer knowing what/what is right/wrong.

And therein lies the magic.  When in your life have you given away your power? Given away your intuitive insight? Given away your energy in order to conform to a story that in fact you were never comfortable with?  This insightful New Moon will help you reclaim ownership of your life.  You need to focus your energy from fighting a war (Mars), to a solidarity and purposeful vision that serves a cause much greater than yourself.  United.  Rising.  Together.

In Summary

This year is certainly a pivotal moment in our Earthly Story.  A HUGE shift is happening as we transition into the 3rd decade of this century.  Change is happening, and it is happening fast.  We are entering into a NEW ERA of life here on Earth.  This current Eclipse window is drawing and cleansing us into the Home of our Hearts.  To see within us a grander story of what is possible when we envision and choose to work toward a new story that reveres ALL life on Earth (not just the select elite) and is built upon foundations of individual sovereignty.