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Curses: Real or Fake?

Curses: Real or Fake?

They are both.

It makes my blood boil when I hear of scam-artist charlatans who pose as psychics offering to “remove curses”, often for a fair ransom amount of money.  No one needs the services of curse removals, no matter what anyone tells you.

I don’t want to give the impression that I am disrespecting the voodoo root workers who take seriously “doing work” on people, as it’s called.  Rituals and spells with their visible, tangible aspects CAN empower people to drive home their magical intent, but a word of warning no spell or ritual can take away another’s free will, so if you think casting a ritual or spell will bring a love lost back I would hate to tell you unless that person is willing to come back it will have not effect.  Those who dabble in black magic against another person, be warned that power can only have any effect if the person who they are casting this despicable art that they need to believe in the curse’s power.

Over the years I am aware of those practicing in dark arts magic that they have tried to cast curses on myself, and others around me.  People have offered their suggestions as to which talisman to hang, what potions to sprinkle and their recommended incantations to perform to protest myself and my home.  All I can say talk about bad karma, I send every attempt of the dark side back to the sender with love. Because I will not give anyone the power to interfere with my path or those around me.

The secret is to trust in the Creator/Universe/Source Energy / God / that is the only way to trust you are safe and in no harm, and no harm could come near you.  Good old-fashioned prayers, are way more powerful than a voodoo doll, broken mirror, jars of potions or black candles.  I also try to remain empathetic and do ask the Universe to send those who wish to do harm that they are shown clarity and wisdom while they sleep (spirit can give us messages easier while we sleep) that they were misguided in trying to harm.

The key to success battling someone’s negative intent is simply mind over matter.  if you fear that a curse can harm you, it will.  You are manifesting the curse in your life.  If you believe that YOU, with the help of the Divine, are immune to black magic because you have protection, then you are.  Power belongs to the person whose will is stronger.

Know that you are safe.  Know you have divine love protecting you.  Surround yourself in the white light of God.  Call on your ancestors and guides.  Ask whoever /whatever makes you feel safe to always protect you.  And don’t give in to worrying.

There, the curse is broken…

Customer Feedback

Praise for Psychic Jodie (PIN: 4559)
Jodie was so great! She's incredibly cool and easy to get along with. It was my first time getting a psychic phone reading but she was able to ease my nerves and we had such an insightful and spot on reading that gave us mental clarity. I will definitely call her again! She is awesome!
Bonnie, VIC