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Love Shouldn’t Be This Challenging

Love Shouldn’t Be This Challenging

loveLove shouldn’t feel like an uphill battle. Relationships shouldn’t stretch you thin, making you feel lost in a sea of doubt, unease, and endless questions. Interactions shouldn’t be like extracting something almost unreachable or feel like you’re continuously giving, but receiving nothing in return. The moments you spend apart should mirror the comfort of your times together. The unease shouldn’t set in as you part ways, making you ponder about their interactions and whereabouts.

The change in their tone or a deviation in their usual way of texting shouldn’t be a cause for stress. Love isn’t about feeling insignificant when not together, be it for a day or a month. Instead, love should evoke feelings of exhilaration, like soaring in the skies, feeling carefree and organic. It should be about companionship, with someone always by your side, holding your hand, and being your biggest cheerleader.

Love is in the little things: sharing a morning tea, discussing the day’s events, or simply enjoying each other’s company. It’s those unexpected kisses that take your breath away and genuine compliments on your worst days. Love shouldn’t feel like a constant struggle or an effort to mold oneself into someone else’s ideal. It shouldn’t be about suppressing your feelings or losing your true self.

Love isn’t about feigning happiness when inside, you’re breaking. It’s not about giving up your values or needs for the sake of avoiding conflicts. Love isn’t about feeling alone, unheard, or suppressing your genuine emotions out of fear.

True love is the beacon in a storm, a source of comfort in this vast universe. It should inspire, uplift, and shine brightly even when everything else appears gloomy. Love shouldn’t be a source of pain, anxiety, or diminish your spirit. It’s not about overthinking messages or struggling to connect. It shouldn’t feel like a load or a perpetual state of restlessness. Love isn’t about confrontations, painful remarks, or scars that remain. It’s certainly not about setting conditions, keeping score, or harboring negative feelings.

Instead, love should feel natural, like a rush of joy, akin to the peacefulness of a quiet morning shared with someone special. It’s in the comfort of their touch, the warmth of their gaze, and the feeling of belonging when with them.

This is what true love feels like, and everyone deserves it. If you’re seeking guidance in the journey of love, consider a consultation with a love specialist at Soul 2 Path. We’re here to assist you in navigating the intricate paths of love.


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