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Saturn Retrograde Wrap Up

Saturn Retrograde Wrap Up.  If you are a Taurus, Leo or Scorpion you may have found some life curveballs being thrown at you one after the other since May 2020.  There is respite to those who have been greatly affected by Saturn the planet of responsibility, time and restrictions will be going direct around the 29th September 2020.

Saturn has the tendency to force boundaries on us and show us tough love in order to teach us important life lessons, not all these lessons are enjoyable or easy.  Whenever Saturn goes into retrograde, all zodiac signs should be prepared to reevaluate their personal boundaries, relationship to authority figures, and most of all, their responsibilities.

However, this year three signs would have felt the impact more than others, if you are Virgo, Leo or Scorpio how was was the roller coaster ride you have been on for the last few months.


Anyone born within the Taurus star sign may have found themselves fine-tuning their philosophical and spiritual outlook on life, and maybe you have finally come to terms and accepted with confidence what you believe is is correct for you, this generally is a fun and exciting personal exploration.


For all you born under the Leo star sign, this retrograde would have showed you that you need to find balance if you life.  Leo’s in general are the busy bee and they are always overcommitting themselves, this retrograde should have taught you to slow down and manage your day-to-day routine.  It also showed Leo’s the importance of growth within relationships.  The time is now for you to step back and reevaluate what is working in your life and what is not.


The most fixed of all signs in the zodiac, the unmovable one.  For Scorpions this retrograde would have been quite a challenging one around communication, and how to change your communication style.  Once you go through this cosmic upgrade you will find future interactions with people will become much more effective and rewarding for all.

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